5 Workwear Pants Outfits for Guys

5 Workwear Pants Outfits for Guys

Your new favorite 'hard' pants
best men's workwear pants

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Oct 12 2023 | 5 min read

I know that many of us exited the pandemic wearing exclusively stretchy pants, preferably those with a drawstring. However, it has come to my attention that many of you are still interested in pants that zip and button.

“Hard pants” if you will.

In that case, might I suggest investing in a pair of workwear pants? Men’s workwear pants are a stylish and casual alternative to jeans. And they look and feel more rugged than chinos. The relaxed fit is also very in right now, if you’re here for that kind of thing.

Want to jump right to the good stuff?

Here’s what you’ll find in this workwear pants guide:

What are workwear pants, anyway?

Super durable, these sturdy work pants are usually made with a canvas material and a slightly wider leg. If you’re looking for comfort, you’ll find it in the looser fit, if not the sometimes scratchy fabric.

And while elements like tool pockets and a hammer loop might not be utilized, it’s nice to know they’re there.

How to wear workwear pants?

Here’s the great thing about workwear-inspired bottoms. Much like Team SG’s beloved 5-pocket pants, you can basically wear them instead of jeans in any outfit.

Why? Well, they hold up well and are easy to clean — no dry clean only tags here!

To keep the wider leg on this style from feeling too relaxed, try rolling up the pant legs and showing off those ankles!

workwear pants outfits for guys

Five workwear pants outfits to wear this week:

workwear pants, carhartt wip, gorse, warby parker, michael kors, komono, barena, bass

loafers: G.H. Bass | glasses: Warby Parker

STYLING NOTES: Dress up your workwear pants with a structured sweater and penny loafers.

If you’re feeling extra daring, wear the loafers with white crew-length socks. If you’re worried that you’ll look like an extra from Grease, don’t worry! Wearing gym socks with “real” shoes is actually very in right now. Even GQ agrees!

Want more sweater outfit ideas? You got ’em.

what to wear with carhartt pants

sweatshirt: Saturdays NYC | bandana: United by Blue | socks: Pair of Thieves

STYLING NOTES: Keep things casual cool in elevated sneakers and punchy accessories.

what to wear with carhartt workwear pants

henley: Bonobos | sneakers: Vans (similar)

STYLING NOTES: Don’t overthink it; you can wear your workwear pants like your favorite jeans or 5-pocket pants.

Think: A bomber, a henley, and skate sneakers combo that would look just as cool with dark denim.

what to wear with workwear pants

raincoat: Stutterheim | tee: Everlane (similar) | sneakers: Converse

STYLING NOTES: A high cuffed hem keeps you from getting the dreaded soggy pant bottoms when crappy weather hits.

workwear-inspired pants outfits

denim jacket: Levi’s | bracelet: Miansai

STYLING NOTES: A camp collar shirt, denim jacket and some lace ups can take your workwear pants out for a drink.

Shop #SGapproved workwear pants

Madewell Relaxed Straight Workwear Pants, $128

Madewell black workwear pants

SG Says: Inspired by vintage workwear, these straight and slouchy canvas pants have old-school reinforced stitching, a longer rise and plenty of pockets. They’re a breezy, on-trend alternative to chinos. Wear them cuffed for an extra cool factor.

Lululemon Classic-Fit ABC Pant in Utilitech, $128

Lululemon utilitech workwear pants

SG Says: Not ready to go full “I just got off a construction site” with your pants? Opt for the Lululemon Classic-Fit ABC Pant in their Utilitech fabric. It wears like a sturdy pair of jeans, offering more heft than standard chino.

Carhartt WIP Panelled Cotton-Canvas Trousers, $150

carhartt wip workwear pants in gray

SG Says: The most “all in” of our workwear pant picks, the panelled double knees on these Carhartt WIP cotton-canvas trousers add an air of authenticity to wearing this trend…even if you’ve never picked up a hammer, let alone a jack hammer.

We like how the style resembles painters’ slacks, and their thoughtfully slouchy fit.


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