Take the No Jeans January Wardrobe Challenge!

Take the No Jeans January Wardrobe Challenge!

Day 1 of #NoJeansJanuary kicks off
no jeans january 2024 challenge

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 1 2024 | 5 min read

It’s 2024 (how?!) and I’ve already seen a deluge of news stories about the hard resets people are tackling in the new year, from the Whole 30 to the 75 Hard to Dry January. 

Now, the idea of cutting out sugar, or working out—outside!—in January sounds…pretty terrible, if I’m being honest. 

Because I’ve seen this movie before. You start strong but before long you’ve got caffeine withdrawal. You miss that Friday night cocktail during the weekly wind down with your significant other. Maybe you realize, actually, you don’t want to run a marathon.

Pretty soon, you’ve abandoned your plans for a brand new you and you feel guilty for giving up on your New Year’s resolution so soon. 

Now look, we love a man who makes an effort. And if you want to overhaul your eating, drinking, and fitness routines in 2024, great! We’re rooting for you.

Here at Style Girlfriend, though, we’re all about leveling up in an accessible, sustainable way.

Which is why we launched the No Jeans January wardrobe challenge.

If you want to kickstart your new year in a fun way that doesn’t involve throwing out every snack in your kitchen, well, have we got the reset for you!

Now, I’ve gotta be real. Participating in No Jeans January might feel overwhelming to start, but I swear by the end of it you’ll be having fun. You’ll stretch outside your comfort zone, but in that “masseuse finding all your knots” kind of satisfying way. And the best part?

You only have to keep it for a month.

What is No Jeans January?

A 31-day wardrobe challenge that starts…well, today. This month, you’re allowed to wear anything but your go-to jeans.

I mean, I’m sure you’re in sweatpants like me this morning, and hey, that counts!

Plenty of us—and I mean both men and women here!—have found ourselves falling into a style rut. And never is that more true than in the winter months.

When you wake up and it’s still dark out, it just feels easier to throw on jeans and a button-down.

Honestly, I get it.

So we have decided to use the spirit of everyone making New Year’s resolutions to make one of our own. In January, we challenge you to detox from your denim habit.

Don’t worry, we’ll help along the way with new outfit ideas every day here on SG. 

Need more motivation? Post your #NoJeansJanuary looks on Instagram or TikTok and we’ll share and stitch our favorites!

Not sure what you’ll wear when skipping denim during No Jeans January?

No Jeans January bingo

We’ve got you! Check out the #SGapproved bingo card, as well as denim-free outfit inspiration in the articles linked below:

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So, are you ready to take the No Jeans January challenge?

Make a pair of chinos your phone’s lock screen. Write each day’s outfit idea in your planner (does anyone other than me still use a planner?). And don’t worry, you’re not alone! Check back every day this month for jeans-free outfit ideas from Team SG on the blog and social.

Whatever you do, just reach for anything but jeans when getting dressed each day this month and you’ll crush this challenge.

Then, flex your denim-free muscles by sharing your best jeans-free looks using the hashtag #NoJeansJanuary. We’ll be on the lookout to share our favorite #SGapproved outfits!

You got this!

I started Style Girlfriend to help guys look, feel, and act their best.