Give up your Denim for No Jeans January!

Give up your Denim for No Jeans January!

Day 1 of #NoJeansJanuary kicks off
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 4 2023 | 3 min read

Have we got a New Year’s resolution challenge for you!

It’s kind of scary, but I swear by the end of it you’ll be having fun. You’ll feel stretched outside your comfort zone, but in that “masseuse finding all your knots” kind of satisfying. And the best part?

You only have to keep it for a month.

We’re issuing a 31-day wardrobe challenge that starts…well, today!

I mean, I’m sure you’re in sweats like me this morning, but hey, that counts!

We call it: No Jeans January.

Too many people (and I mean men and women both!) let themselves fall into a style rut, and never is that more true than in the winter months.

When you wake up and it’s still dark out, it just feels easier to throw on jeans and a button-down.

Honestly, I get it.

So we have decided to use the spirit of everyone making New Year’s resolutions to make one of our own. In January, we challenge you to detox from your denim habit.

Don’t worry, we’ll help along the way with a new outfit idea each day. 

Need more motivation? Post your #NoJeansJanuary looks on Instagram or TikTok and we’ll share and stitch our favorites!

Not sure what you’ll wear when skipping denim during No Jeans January?

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Live that loungewear life

Make a pair of chinos your phone’s lock screen. Write each day’s outfit idea in your planner (does anyone other than me still use a planner?). Whatever you do, just don’t forget to skip the jeans when getting dressed each day.

Then, flex your denim-free muscles by sharing your best jeans-free looks using the hashtag #NoJeansJanuary. Promise we’ll spot you and give you some social media love to keep you motivated!

no jeans january 2020 shop page
Seeya in February, jeans!

You got this!

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