10 Stylish and Affordable Men's Turtleneck Outfit Ideas

How to Wear a Men’s Turtleneck: 10 Outfit Ideas for Guys

How to Wear a Men’s Turtleneck: 10 Outfit Ideas for Guys
A classic, cozy men's style staple
2022 men's turtleneck outfits

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Feb 8 2022

This is it, guys. I can feel it. This is the year it finally feels totally normal for guys to wear turtlenecks.

I’m done convincing you that you’ll look like Daniel Craig in James Bond by sporting this cold weather style staple. I mean, you will, but you’ll also look like, y’know, you…just in a turtleneck.

That’s because the style truly does look good on all different kinds of guys. 

What’s more, the turtleneck feels equally at home when dressed up with a suit or worn more casually with jeans or chinos.

Here’s what you’ll find in this turtleneck guide:

So, what kind of turtleneck should you buy?

At SG HQ, we’re never not going to push cashmere on you.

It’s luxe! It’s cozy! And it’s honestly not tha-a-a-a-t much more expensive than other knits, especially when it comes to a statement piece you’ll have in your closet forever (ideally).

There’s some great brands like Naadam and Naked Cashmere that leverage a DTC (direct-to-consumer) model in order to sell an otherwise more expensive product like cashmere at a more affordable price. Take that, middle men!

You can even find surprisingly good-for-the-price cashmere at retailers like Uniqlo and the in-house brand at Nordstrom.

Want something less expensive, and slightly more streamlined? Go with merino wool, or a cotton cashmere blend.

Ready to go full lumberjack? Look for 100% wool. Just be prepared to layer a thin, long-sleeve tee underneath because you might get itchy.

Shop #SGapproved turtlenecks

cashmere turtleneck sweater, cashmere, turtleneck, men's turtleneck outfit ideas

boots: 1892 by Thorogood | watch: Shinola | hair cream: Jack Black

SG Says: Cargo pants and lace-up boots….These are a few of my favorite th-i-i-i-ings!

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Don’t be afraid to toughen up your turtleneck outfit with sturdy-yet-sophisticated pieces.

cashmere turtleneck, barbour, sid mashburn, uniqlo, maximum henry, barneys, warby parker, quilted jacket, plaid trousers, chelsea boots

jacket: Barbour | belt: Maximum Henry | glasses: Warby Parker

SG Says: We’ve been digging into the nitty-gritty recently of what exactly you guys are clicking on from what we recommend, and it turns out that quilted jackets like the Barbour number above are a huge hit with the Style Girlfriend audience.

Good news, this type of English country outerwear looks perfectly at home over a cashmere turtleneck.

cashmere turtleneck sweater, cashmere, turtleneck, sweater, l.l. bean, united by blue, pair of thieves, orvis, duck umbrella, cords

parka: Columbia | pants: Vince | boots: L.L. Bean

SG Says: Opt for a turtleneck instead of a scarf to keep warm in the next big storm.

cashmere turtleneck, uniqlo, A.P.C., g.h. bass, j.crew,

chinos: J.Crew | shoes: G.H. Bass

SG Says: A textured topcoat looks great over this sophisticated, streamlined sweater.

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cashmere turtleneck, all saints, uniqlo, wolverine, journeymen, paul smith, nudie jeans

leather jacket: Allsaints | jeans: Nudie Jeans

SG Says: Add some edge to your cashmere turtleneck for date night with a leather jacket and head-to-toe black.

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There’s only one thing better than one neutral turtleneck in your closet.

And that’s two neutral-colored turtlenecks in your closet.

Below, five men’s grey turtleneck outfit ideas:

To the office
men's turtleneck outfit ideas

SG Says: Love to throw in some colorful pants options for you guys, and these wine-colored chinos are no exception.

Surrounded by an otherwise neutral outfit, this look is totally office-appropriate.

To a fancy dinner
men's turtleneck outfit ideas

SG Says: Go for a monochromatic vibe with a dark-colored suit with a similarly hued turtleneck.

On the weekend
men's turtleneck outfit ideas

SG Says: With Chucks and jeans, a turtleneck looks ready for wherever you’re headed when off-duty.

To class
how to wear a turtleneck, men's turtleneck outfit ideas

SG Says: Yes, you can pull off a turtleneck when you’re in school without looking like a stuffy art history student. Just up the casual vibes with a denim jacket and throwback sneakers.

Ready to upgrade your cold weather wardrobe?

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