Guys, What’s Stopping You From Jauntily Draping a Sweater Over Your Shoulders?

Guys, What’s Stopping You From Jauntily Draping a Sweater Over Your Shoulders?

An elite styling move
sweater drape for men

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 23 2024 | 4 min read

Listen up, fellas. I get that it can feel overwhelming to be a guy these days. You’ve got to memorize your own kids’ allergies and vaccinations. Have an opinion on if May/December is camp or not. And try to not come in last despite not being able to get Kirk Cousins off your fantasy roster.

And now you’re supposed to dress like you’ve got Jacob Elordi’s stylist on speed dial, too?

Well, yes. But while I don’t know if your eldest has a gluten allergy or is just picky, I do know that there are a few solid style moves that elevate your whole outfit.

And in winter, there’s no upgrade more impactful than: the sweater drape.

danielabbink sweater drape
image: @danielabbink

Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about the effortlessly cool move where you take your favorite chunky knit (bonus points for cable or fisherman’s stitch) and let it casually pool around your neck like a luxurious hug. It’s not just practical–it adds instant texture, color, and a styled vibe that even the most up-and-coming red carpet star would envy.

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Think of it as armor against the mundane. The backpack says, “I’m just trying to get through the day.” The scarf screams, “I’m cold and slightly afraid of commitment.”

But the sweater drape? It’s a declaration. It says, “I know how to layer. I appreciate texture. And I’m not afraid to take a fashion risk.”

image: @leon_cerrone

A good sweater drape is like an em dash for a men’s outfit — it adds an unexpected twist, and is best used sparingly.

But hold on, fellas, before you grab the nearest itchy monstrosity from the back of your closet, let’s lay down some ground rules:

kennth_sylvester sweater drape
image: @kennth_sylvester
  • Fabric matters. Cashmere is king, but a chunky wool blend or even a well-loved cotton cable knit can work wonders. Avoid anything acrylic or itchy – you’re not auditioning for a medieval torture reenactment.
  • Color play is your friend. Don’t be afraid to contrast your sweater with your coat. A navy peacoat over a mustard yellow knit? Yes, please. A charcoal overcoat with a forest green cable? We’re swooning.
  • Fit is key. The sweater shouldn’t be so big it swallows you whole, but it shouldn’t be so tight it looks like you’re smuggling a deflated basketball under your arm. Aim for a relaxed, draped-but-not-sloppy vibe.
  • Own it. Confidence is the ultimate accessory. So strut your stuff, shoulders back, head held high, and let the world know you’ve mastered the art of the sweater drape.

Trust me, who speaks for all women everywhere, when I say the men’s sweater drape look is a win-win.

You get to show off your elevated sweater game, even outdoors, and embrace your inner suavely-styled movie star. It’s a fashion revolution, and you’re invited to the front row.

men's sweater drape
image: @iamtabar

So go forth, gentlemen, and drape with confidence. The world (and your significant others) will thank you.

Men’s sweaters to drape with:

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