The Point God’s Playbook: Mastering Style Like Chris Paul

The Point God’s Playbook: Mastering Style Like Chris Paul

How the all-star dresses for success off the court
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By Tess Steinberg | Last Updated: Mar 24 2024 | 4 min read

Chris Paul’s sense of style transcends the NBA tunnel walk. The Point God offers up a masterclass in confidence that comes not from wearing a designer label, but from owning your look.

While a young CP3 was best known for his dazzling crossover, after years in the league, the journeyman point guard has become as well known for being a go-to source for style inspiration.

Below, style moves to steal from Chris Paul:

Care about your casualwear

There is no doubt that Chris Paul has mastered game-day swag on and off the basketball court.

I love the coordination between those red sneakers and his Savant Studios cannonball sweatshirt. It’s a subtle touch that really pulls the whole outfit together.

Accessorize with confidence

A watch, a statement ring, or just a swaggy pair of sunglasses can elevate your outfit. Take a page out of CP3’s book and choose pieces that reflect your personality.

Don’t overdo it, though. A couple of well-chosen accessories are enough.

Build your style team wisely

Chris paul tan sweater and brown pants on sidelines

Paul’s style success isn’t a solo act. Behind the scenes, he’s been collaborating with stylist Courtney Mays for years. Mays, who works with other A-list athletes including Kevin Love, Sue Bird, and Brittney Griner, is a key ingredient in Paul’s style superpowers.

She’s helped Paul craft an image that reflects both personality and purpose. In 2022, Mays told SI:

“Everything we do is intentional…when he was the president of the players association, we really were trying to make sure that his image reflected that, being presidential, making sure he always had that businessman swag. You’re creating or curating those identities through fashion.”

The tl;dr? Great style doesn’t just happen. And often, it doesn’t happen without help.

Fit is Everything

Chris Paul wearing a cardigan

This might be the most crucial takeaway. Chris Paul style means always looking polished because his clothes fit him well. Even when wearing something as trendy as denim cargo pants, everything looks and feels tailored to his body.

Be intentional with the brands you wear

Chris Paul wearing t-shirt that reads: black art transcends time

Paul is a vocal advocate for Black designers, using his platform to elevate their voices and showcase their talent.

This dedication goes beyond his own wardrobe. Along with NBA stars Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony, Paul launched the Social Change Fund to invest in and support organizations working to create a more equitable society for Black and Indigenous people, and in 2021 created a capsule collection celebrating Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), featuring designs by Black designers.

This isn’t just about personal style; it’s about empowerment. By supporting Black-owned businesses, Paul is helping to rewrite the narrative in the fashion industry. He’s proving that high fashion isn’t limited to established European labels – it’s thriving in the creativity and innovation of Black designers.

So, the next time you see Chris Paul rocking a fresh look, pay attention to the label. It might just be your chance to discover the next big name in fashion, all thanks to the Point God’s dedication to style and social impact.