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Body Lotion for Men: 10 to Try in 2022
Because nobody likes a flaky man
men's body lotion

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Jan 10 2022

men's body lotion

So you know it’s important to keep your skin moisturized in the winter. That you’ve gotta fend off the dry cracked skin that’s, well, not exactly a turn-on for women. Which is why it’s helpful to incorporate a routine of using body lotion into your daily grooming routine.

Think that stuff’s just on the bathroom sink for your wife or girlfriend’s benefit? Think again.

It’s equally as important for men to lather on the body lotion as it is for women, especially during the dry winter months.

Skin produces less oil in the winter, making moisturizing an essential step in your skincare routine.

Even if you’re not suffering from dry, itchy, uncomfortable skin this season, consider your future. Taking care of your skin—all of it—now means you can worry less later about being the guy who looks like a potato that’s been stored in a dark cupboard too long later.

That’s why our team pulled together this roundup of body lotion for men to feel comfortable using. Is it body lotion for men specifically? Nope. It’s 2021, and you don’t need moisturizer in the shape of a monster truck, or with scent names like “Leather Couches and Video Games!”

These are just great moisturizers that our team loves and think you will, too.

Below, shop the #SGapproved list of body lotion for men to try:

1. Art of Sport Daily Skin Lotion

art of sport skin lotion

Why you’ll like it: This bottle lasts a long time, and the “fresh scent” smells just as advertised. Not too much, but not nothing, either.

2. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Dry Skin

aveeno men's body lotion

Why you’ll like it: If you have sensitive skin, opt for a fragrance free body lotion like this one from Aveeno to ensure zero irritation.

3. CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion

cerave daily moisturizing lotion

Why you’ll like it: This CeraVe lotion goes on light but packs a punch.

It’s probably our team’s favorite of the drugstore options of lotion for men to try in this list.

4. Kiehl’s Creme de Corp Moisturizer

kiehls mens body lotion

Why you’ll like it: This jumbo bottle of the iconic Kiehl’s moisturizer works well on all skin types, and looks even better in your bathroom.

Yes, it’s pricey, but a little of this rich cream goes a long way.

5. Love Beauty and Planet Shea Velvet Body Lotion

love beauty planet shea butter body lotion

Why you’ll like it: This Unilever brand may give off for ladies only vibes, but don’t be fooled. The shea butter and sandalwood scents in this luxe-feeling lotion will definitely appeal to guys, too.

6. Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion for Very Dry Skin

eucerin body lotion, body lotion for men

Why you’ll like it: Oddly, this lotion goes on a little thinner, but the formula is strong enough to soothe even the dryest skin.

It just goes to show, you don’t need a heavy cream to do a heavy duty job on dry patches.

7. Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm

Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm, body lotion for men

Why you’ll like it: You will recognize this brand from nice restaurants’ bathrooms (when you used to eat out at nice restaurants), or from your fanciest friend’s house.

Aesop is one of those “Ugh, why is that stuff so expensive? I would never pay that much for something I’m just going to have to replace” brands.

Then you try it, and it’s all “Oh no, I have to rework my discretionary spending budget, so I never have to be without this again.”

Like Diptyque candles or James Perse t-shirts.

Just putting it out there so you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

8. Suave Advanced Therapy Lotion

suave advanced therapy lotion, body lotion for men

Why you’ll like it: Inexpensive and gets the job done!

9. St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Lotion

st ives body lotion for men

Why you’ll like it: St. Ives might be best known for their face scrub every teenager had in their shower, but don’t sleep on their line of body lotions.

Our team loves this oatmeal and shea butter moisturizer that’s super soothing for sensitive skin.

10. Aquaphor Healing Ointment

aquaphor healing ointment advanced therapy, body lotion for men

Why you’ll like it: Dealing with suuuuuper dry skin? You’re going to need a second step for your skincare routine.

After applying one of the body lotions above, add a layer of Aquaphor to lock in the moisture. Will you be a little sticky? Yeah, probably. Best to do this before bed. You’ll wake up to skin that feels healthy and more hydrated.


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