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Style Profile: Ian Rosen of StockTwits
A wardrobe transformation that's on-the-money
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By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Feb 4 2019

We wanted to give you a quick glimpse into Style Girlfriend’s (still new, still in beta) on-demand personal shopping service. If you’re interested in working one-on-one with a member of team SG to overhaul your wardrobe, lock down a look for an upcoming event, or even make holiday shopping a little bit easier, give us a holler.

Ian Rosen, CEO of StockTwits, a social network for investors and traders, buzzed Style Girlfriend before the company’s annual conference in Coronado, California. The former Dow Jones and Marketwatch exec knew his “New Jersey dad” vibe didn’t really mesh with his new “financial tech startup guy” vibe, so we helped him find a few key pieces; including a well-tailored sport coat, dark rinse slim-fit jeans, a few non-billowy dress shirts, and loafers you’d want to get on the ground for a closer look at.

And oh yeah, everything needed to work into the wardrobe he already had.

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Cut to: Rosen nailing his opening talk at the event, and subsequently throwing away half the contents of his closet after realizing they didn’t make him feel like a million bucks the same way his new clothes did.

We asked him about his experience with the on-demand personal shopping service.

Here’s what he had to say:

Why did you decide to turn to on-demand personal shopping?

When I moved from a large corporate environment to the smaller financial technology world, I felt my wardrobe wasn’t necessarily aligned with my peers or the image I wanted to project.  Our world is very dynamic, and it’s important to be able to adjust yourself and your style.

Was the experience of working with a personal shopper what you expected?

It was better. I don’t like shopping, and I was already conscious that my clothes were outdated. I had recently been accused of wearing “dad jeans,” which, while not too bad a comment (I am a dad, after all), made me feel like I didn’t have a handle on current trends. I’ve never been one to care too much about style—I’d spent most of my career in conservative suits—so I was prepared for an experience that exacerbated that out-of-water feeling.

I was also worried that I would be pushed into a style that I wasn’t comfortable in, or which wasn’t appropriate for my particular industry, role, or personality.

In reality, it was easy and productive. Ashley, my personal shopper, already had all of my measurements, and a colleague helped her understand my likes and dislikes ahead of time. While not everything she recommended was my exact personal taste, everything was much closer than I expected, while significantly updated and better.

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What’s one tip, trick, or shortcut you learned?

I honestly didn’t know jeans could be tailored.

How do you feel in your new clothes?

After the initial shock of the change, much more comfortable. I recently tried on an old work outfit and didn’t feel right in that anymore. It felt stodgy.

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Who do you think is the right fit for Style Girlfriend’s on-demand shopping service?

Any guy who isn’t quite sure that they’re up to style trends, or isn’t sure they’re exactly projecting the image they want externally. Well worth the small investment to set a new long-term path.

Think Style Girlfriend’s service could be a fit for you? You can learn more here.

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