Style Roundup: 7 Khaki Suits for Summer

Style Roundup: 7 Khaki Suits for Summer

Warning: Compliments ahead
Khaki Suit Green

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

We’re talking about summer suiting again, guys. We’ve already broken down for you why a linen suit is a great addition to your warm weather we’re inviting you to jump onboard the khaki suit train.

But first, let’s define what we’re talking about. We’re going to use a wide lens here, including cotton suits of all textures and colors in this roundup, not just suits in a khaki or tan color (which could come in tropical wool and not cotton!).

It’s sort of like how plenty of folks say they’re wearing “khakis” when what they really mean is “pants made from a cotton chino material.” All we’re saying is, we’re not the fashion terminology police here at SG HQ. So we’re going to use “khaki suits” to mean, lighter-weight, cotton suits appropriate for spring and summer wear.

Okay, hands and feet inside the car..train’s leaving the station!

Below, 7 SG-approved khaki suits for summer:

1) Kroon, $395

Khaki Suits

SG Says: Dress this suit down with Megan’s favorite men’s shoe for summer, a casual espadrille.

2) Land’s End, jacket ($189) and pants ($100)

Khaki Suit Green

SG Says: We love love LOVE the blues anchoring this army green suit. Go forth and be similarly inspired.

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3) Banana Republic, jacket ($248) and pants ($98)

Khaki Suit Banana Republic

SG Says: Wouldn’t this suit (which is a mix of cotton, polyester, and spandex for movement) look so good with a pair of super-clean lace-up white sneakers, like these from Greats?

4) Express, jacket ($228) and pants ($98)

SG Says: Who needs a button-front shirt when you’ve got a thin sweater perfect for adding a pop of color to your khaki?

5) Bonobos, $500 

Khaki Suit Bonobos

SG Says: We referenced this chambray number from Bonobos in our linen suit inspiration post, and couldn’t keep ourselves from including it again here. Seriously, how chic is this thing?? And hey, it’s cotton, so it counts!

6) Todd Snyder, jacket ($398) and pants ($198)

Khaki Suit Todd Snyder

SG Says: A cotton suit in navy windowpane? You bet. Nobody said you have to stick to light colors (y’know, like…khaki).

7) J.Crew, jacket ($298) and pants ($158)

Khaki Suit J.Crew

SG Says: Let’s all give one big collective ::chef’s kiss:: to the OG here. A khaki-colored suit in breathable cotton chino (with just a pinch of stretch) for spring and summer. Here’s a idea…start here and work your way backwards through this list. Voila! Summer suiting wardrobe solved.



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