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#teamSG Guys, let’s make this thing we’ve got going on official.

Online official.

Already posting your cool pocket squares, sweet thrift store finds, spotless sneakers, and more on Instagram and Twitter? Always wanted to but couldn’t bring yourself to pull the trigger? SG’s got your back.

I want you to start using the hashtag #teamSG on all your style-minded snapshots you post online.

Because if there’s one thing I know about Style Girlfriend readers by now – you guys are a seriously stylish bunch.

So when you document all those adventures in dressing well, I want to make sure I catch it! Hence the hashtag. Tagging your pics means I’ll see you as you strut your stuff – or see you strut your stuff’s stuff, if you’re not a selfie kinda guy. That’s why I’m hoping you’ll tag #teamSG on social media so we can amass an awesome archive of the best SG reader photos around the web.

I’ll be highlighting my favorites from the hashtag so you get the sartorial slow clap you deserve. Bask in the “likes” and remember, dressing well is its own reward (especially since – for now, anyway – there’s no actual prizes for all this).

As for the hashtag itself? I was never much for team sports in school, but now I’ve got the deepest bench a captain could ask for. You guys are my World Series, Super Bowl, and World Cup winners all rolled into one, super-cool squad. The world should know it.

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow @styleGF on Instagram and Twitter.

Alright, are we ready team? On 3. 1 – 2 – 3…Break!

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