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Style Roundup: 6 Spring Jackets to Transition into Summer

Light Layers to keep you just cool enough

Now that we’ve finally reached May, we can lose the layers, right? Well, not quite yet. While the winter layers would be suffocating, early mornings, late nights, and dewy days in May can still require a light jacket.

Our top picks for keeping cool while it’s warming up:

1. Pendelton x Reyn Spooner, $119

The “refined hoodie” style of this jacket makes it perfect for weekends full of coffee runs and outdoor fun. The striped lining and big white buttons give the jacket a very intentional spring look.

2. Old Navy, $40

Rain is inevitable, so there’s no reason to not prepare yourself. This sunny golden jacket will keep you dry AND provide you with sunshine vibes when the cloud coverage is bumming you out.

3. Topman, $75

You can’t go wrong with a classic Harrington, and this navy shade works great now and later when the temperatures drop again in October (sorry for the reminder!).

4. Gap, $98

Mac jackets are the long jacket of spring, but this china blue color stand out in a sea of khaki. Just feel the optimistic color wash over you. Aaahhhh

5. Scotch & Soda, $189

If you weren’t the cool kid in high school, you’re probably a lot cooler now you can still be the cool guy with this varsity bomber. Since it has every neutral in it besides brown, it will automatically go with everything you own (unless your entire closet is brown, maybe).

6. Levi’s, $78

No jacket is a more true, blue spring jacket than a denim one.

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