The Coolest Golf Shoes to Elevate Your Look, and Your Game

The Coolest Golf Shoes to Elevate Your Look, and Your Game

Fashion on the fairway
men's nike golf shoe set against a background of a golf green

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 11 2024 | 8 min read

For the discerning golfer, this time of year is all about two things: figuring how to watch the Masters at work, and finding the perfect pair of golf shoes.

It’s a quest for the holy grail of footwear: a shoe that offers uncompromising comfort during long walks down the fairway, superior traction and stability for a powerful swing, and stylish good looks that won’t leave you embarrassed to linger at the clubhouse bar.

Thankfully, gone are the days of making do with clunky, uncomfortable golf shoes. Today’s best golf shoes are technological marvels, boasting lightweight designs with breathable uppers that keep your feet cool, durable construction that can withstand wet weather, and aggressive soles that provide exceptional grip no matter the terrain.

Whether you prefer traditional spikes for ultimate stability or a spikeless design for versatility off the course, there’s a comfortable — and cool! — golf shoe out there perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Since I don’t golf, I can speak to how cool a shoe looks, but that’s about it. So, I called in reinforcements on this one — my husband, who golfs what I would call “obsessively,” though he wants me to clarify as “a handful of times a month in-season, one destination trip a year, and some annual social golf events” and whose style I trust (both on and off the course) more than any other man. He knows what looks good, and what feels good on the fairway.

So, get ready to step up your game in style this spring. It’s time to find the perfect pair of cool, comfortable golf shoes to accompany you from tee to green.

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Fashion Meets Tech: Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG

nike air zoom infinity tour nrg golf shoe

“This is the latest iteration of Nike’s Zoom Infinity Tour, which is — in my personal opinion anyway — Nike’s premiere golf shoe. These shoes fit well, have comprehensive waterproofing, and are spiked well enough to perform in most any weather. It’s more performance-leaning and an ‘of the times’ golf shoe.

They tend to run a bit narrow, and Nike has included a wide option over the years. These come in tons of colorways, with lots of limited-edition and tournament-specific releases made available throughout the season.

Bottom line? These shoes are the perfect amount of style and comfort without compromising performance.”

  • look good: iridescent and glossy finishes
  • feel good: six integrated spikes and a data-informed traction pattern for exceptional grip

Throwback style: Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G NRG

pair of nike air pegasus 89 g nrg golf shoes set against a golf green background

“This model is a bit less traditional and may be best for the golfer concerned more with style. The retro 89′ styling makes for a more casual-looking shoe, with a more moderate spike than the Infinity Tour, but more substantial than the Air Max. Meaning? These will make for a solid daily wear. The synthetic leather overlays provide protection without reducing performance or comfort but maybe not as comfortable of an option as the Air Max, the other of the two more casual options in this list.”

  • look good: vintage vibes of yesteryear with Nike’s game-breaking golf technology
  • feel good: hidden Zoom Air unit in the heel 

Sneaker style: Nike Air Max 1 ’86 OG G

nike air max 1 86 og g men's golf shoe

“These are a nice balance of style and function. Just a subtle, cool golf shoe.

They’re very comfortable, come in lots of colorways, and have a really classic profile. If you’re someone who has the non-golf version of this sneaker in your closet, this could be the perfect golf shoe for you. You may want to size up for a more comfortable fit, though it might take away from performance. They’re also not as waterproof as most other Nike options, so you won’t want to start a dew-filled morning with these on your feet. They’re best for midsummer and quality weather rounds where climate and conditions won’t be a concern.”

  • look good: vintage Air Max 1 details like clean lines and unmistakable colors
  • feel good: updated traction pattern gives you grip on the course in various conditions

Most classic: Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 3 NRG

picture of nike air zoom victory tour 3 nrg golf shoe set against a golf greens background

“The most classic golf shoe option of the bunch — the full-grain leather is reminiscent of old school golf footwear I had when I first started playing in high school.

They have the most pronounced spikes of the bunch and will perform in any weather. What they may lack in the more modern “sneaker” look, they make up for with a very clean profile and a high quality golf shoe meant for golfing!”

  • look good: full-grain leather has a supple feel and sophisticated look, nodding to golf shoes from past generations.
  • feel good: the Tour Flex Pro from Softspikes in the key 3 forefoot spike locations and Silver Tornado spikes in the lateral and heel offer exceptional traction in all conditions and give your feet great grip on the ground when you’re going all out for the pin

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Shop more spring golf style

man in light green polo shirt with light chinos and white golf shoes
Nike Tour Dri-FIT golf crew, $105
lower half of a man wearing purple checkered Nike shorts with tall socks and nike golf shoes
Nike Club flow shorts, $60
torso of man wearing light purple nike quarter zip shirt and black pants
Nike Tour Dri-FIT 1/2-zip golf top, $120
lower half of man wearing black golf pants with black belt and white golf shoes
Nike Tour Repel Flex slim golf pants, $100
white golf glove with black nike swoosh logo on wrist
Nike Tour Classic golf glove, $24
torso of man wearing light pink nike golf polo shirt and black pants
Nike Dri-FIT Tour golf polo, $80
torso of man wearing deep purple cardigan, open over a white t-shirt, with coordinating deep purple shorts, tall socks and golf shoes
Nike Club knit fairway cardigan, $90
forest green hoodie set against a background of a golf course
Nike Club golf fleece hoodie, $65
nike golf hat
Nike golf hat, $30
torso of a man wearing a navy and green checkered polo shirt
Nike Sportswear Club checkers polo, $95

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