Halloween Outfit Inspiration: Deflategate and Bill Simmons

Halloween Outfit Inspiration: Deflategate and Bill Simmons

The sporty side of spooky

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

Leading up to this weekend’s frightful festivities, we’re giving you guys five full days of Halloween-inspired Outfit Inspirations. Whether you’re in it for the boos (or the booze), get into the spirit with one of these #SGapproved costumes. And be sure to check out MondayTuesday, and Wednesday’s looks, too.

Two gentlemen known for both their undeniable talent and slight propensity for a bit of controversy makes for game-winning costumes. Take on arguably the most outrageous sports related “-gate” in recent history with a Tom Brady costume or turn yourself into our favorite Sports Guy.

Below, get sporty in a deflategate or Bill Simmons costume:

Tom Brady during deflategateTomBradyGet the look:brady

Suit: SuitSupply, $400 | Jersey: Nike, $100 | Shoes: Johnston Murphy, $275

Football: Wilson, $40 | Hair Fiber: American Crew, $18 | Sunglasses: Tom Ford, $250

Pocket Square: Paul Smith, $95 | iPhone 6s: apple, $649 | Belt: Apolis, $98

Deodorant: Acqua di Parma, $40

Wear it well: ...and the hits just keep coming. This one is almost too easy, which is also why it’s so great. Wear your perfectly tailored courtroom suit with a Brady jersey underneath, then “allegedly” have someone “allegedly” deflate a football to carry with you all night. Since you’re already a costume champion, complete this look by casually destroying your cellphone. Do we have a deal? Deal. Oh, and added bonus if you happen to have a super model wife on your arm.

Bill Simmons


Get the look:simmons

T-Shirt: H&M, $6 | Dress Shirt: J.Crew, $88 | Pants: UNIQLO, $40

Sharpie: Lowe’s, $1 | Shoes: Clark’s, $90 | Silver Hair Color: Party City, $4

Belt: Filson, $56 | Socks: The Joy of Socks, $10 | Podcast Mic: Amazon, $30

Watch: Nixon, $100

Wear it well: Brush up on your sports knowledge and line-up a few interviews. Use a Sharpie to write “ESPN” on your white t-shirt, then immediately scribble it out (with enthusiasm) to write “HBO” instead. Keep your button down open and run it in with sports themed accessories.

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