Halloween Outfit Inspiration: Ferris Bueller and Lloyd Dobler

Halloween Outfit Inspiration: Ferris Bueller and Lloyd Dobler

Take notes from these 80's movies golden boys

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

How nice would it be if Cameron Crowe or John Hughes directed our everyday lives? We’d all be smooth-talking protagonists spinning odds-defying tales of shenanigans gone right.

While you may not be conquering high school love or looking to out-smart your principal, there’s few 80’s movie costumes more memorable than Ferris Bueller and Lloyd Dobler.

Below, channeling iconic characters with Ferris Bueller and Lloyd Dobler costumes:

Ferris Bueller Halloween costume

ferris bueller halloween costume

Get the look:
Ferris Bueller Outfit Inspiration

Vest: TV Store Online, $50  | T-Shirt: Spreadshirt, $18  | Pants: Urban Outfitters, $60

Shoes: Cole Haan, $90 | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, $150 | Socks: Happy Socks, $12

Pocket Comb: Grooming Lounge, $17 | Keychain: Ferrari, $41  | Watch: Casio, $74

Gel: Kiehl’s, $16 | Microphone: Amazon, $10

Wear it well: Uncanny class cutting and Ferrari stealing skills aside, you can get the effervescent persona of Ferris Bueller in your favorite graphic knit vest, white dress shoes, and grey higher-waisted trousers. Just don’t forget your microphone for an impromptu performance.

Lloyd Dobler 
Lloyd Dobler

Get the look:
Lloyd Dobler Outfit Inspiration

Shirt: Urban Outfitters, $58 | Coat: UNIQLO, $150 | Jogger: Levi’s, $37

Sneaker: Nike, $100 | Boombox: iHome, $300 | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, $160

Razor: Grooming Lounge, $29 | Shaving Cream: Billy Jealousy, $6

Socks: Pair of Thieves, $10 | Belt: Saturdays NYC, $75  

Wear it well: Get your monologue ready and nostalgic song queued up because the rest of this look is likely in your closet already. Take your rocker tee, black pants, and white sneakers, then throw on your topcoat – oh, and remember to wear your heart on your sleeve too.

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