How to Wear Cobalt Blue: The Guy's Guide to Wearing Color

The height of casual cool

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Mar 6 2019

Prime your closet for more color with this series of guides for bold shades. The team at SG HQ is breaking down how to wear stylish hues (like cobalt blue!) with easy color combinations and outfit ideas.

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About cobalt blue

Cobalt blue has some serious historical roots: It’s the primary color of a lot of fancy schmancy (and totally gorgeous) Chinese porcelain. It’s also a hue associated with royalty across the ancient and Middle Age world. Just because it got its start in the long-off past, though, doesn’t mean it won’t make sense in your thoroughly modern wardrobe, though. Quite the contrary, actually.

Below, learn how to wear cobalt blue in more outfits

How to wear cobalt blue

This bright, bold color looks great across warmer and cooler skin tones, and if you’ve got a baby blues or hazel eyes, pop this shade on for instant impact (and be prepared to field a lot of stares—the good kind).

This particular shade has been big for the last few years, no doubt because it’s so flattering and easy to wear. Through simple basics or smart accessories, cobalt blue can catapult a pretty average outfit into the “sharp dressed man” stratosphere without making you look like you put work into it: When used right, it’ll get you to the height of casual cool.

What to wear with cobalt blue

Cobalt goes with everything from denim to dressier attire, so shop accordingly: We recommend buying at least a button up in this bold shade, and if you’re feeling adventurous possibly even a full-on suit (though realize you won’t have as many opportunities to wear it as, say, sharkskin grey or navy suiting).

Keep an eye out for this color worked into prints and patterns as well—just remember, a little cobalt goes a long way.

// How to wear cobalt blue at the office //

SG Says: Once you’ve acquired some cobalt clothing of you own, consider pairing it with colors like coral, lemon, and bluebird for maximum impact. A bright blue oxford with a pair of light lemon shorts is a great spring weekend look. Add a pair of dusty red canvas sneakers and you’ve got yourself a look that will definitely turn some ladies’ heads.

// How to wear cobalt blue on the weekend //

// How to wear cobalt blue on a date //

SG Says: Okay, to be honest, this is more regular blue rather than really blue-cobalt blue, but hey, it’s more outfit ideas for you! We love a strong blue sport shirt for a date night. It’s more interesting than white or light blue, and the shade looks good on almost everybody.

How to style cobalt blue

In small doses, cobalt blue can easily make its way into more formal attire (think ties, pocket squares, maybe even suspenders if you’re into it).

We especially love it for weddings…a bright blue tie? Yes! A word of advice, though… When you’re choosing an outfit for someone else’s special day, be sure to check with the happy couple to make sure you’re not stepping on their wedding colors!

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