Steal His Look: Scott Disick - Style Girlfriend
Steal His Look: Scott Disick
The fashionable Lord of the Kardashian family
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By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jan 30 2019

Disclaimer: In no way is the following an endorsement of any part of the Kardashian Klan.

…That said, I do happen to like Scott Disick’s style.

Steal His Look: Scott Disick

What I like most about Disick – partner to the eldest daughter, Kourtney, if you’re keeping track – on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is that he serves as the audience’s sane (most of the time) surrogate, saying what all of us watching are thinking. Namely, that everything this family does is completely bat sh*t crazy. He’s also good looking, charismatic (at least on Instagram), and actually funny (even if it is in a mean way most of the time).

But the reason he gets a spotlight here on SG today? He’s always dressed to shine, on-camera or off.

Lord Disick, as he prefers to be called (really??), is not just a celebrity-for-no-reason; he’s also a dear ol’ dad – often photographed out and about with his kiddies, making his elevated style game all the more noteworthy. He’s not throwing on whatever’s upchuck-resistant, and you’d never catch him in a standard dad uniform (cargo shorts, running sneaks, white tube socks and free event tee).

Steal His Look: Scott Disick

Below, the staple styles you can steal from this Kardashian-by-proxy:


Lord Disick has a pretty tight suit game. He opts for a suit more often than most, and always is the best-dressed in the room because of it. He knows just how to lend a suit a more casual vibe for chilling with his pals (no tie, swap the dress shoes for loafers), but also can dial things up for the red carpet.

Steal His Look: Scott DisickSteal His Look: Scott Disick


I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me the lord was born in a polo, khakis and a sweater. Even better, he knows this style will always work for him, because it’s timeless. His groomed game is also something guys ought to take note of, because his hair is always #flawless.

Steal His Look: Scott DisickSteal His Look: Scott Disick


The guy is not afraid of a little color here, a little pattern there. He’s willing to take fashion risks, and even if they don’t always look great, he does it with sass and confidence and takes any bad moves in stride.

Steal His Look: Scott DisickSteal His Look: Scott Disick


A guy who can manage to rock the chosen footwear of Floridian grandpas gets my vote. Smoking slippers are the upper echelon of easy footwear – you just slide your foot in, no fancy laces necessary – and they can literally be dressed all the way with a suit up or all the way down with jeans and a tee. There is no wrong way with smoking slippers.

Steal His Look: Scott DisickSteal His Look: Scott Disick

Also, monogram-ability with these is HIGH. You could go nickname like he did or just buy ones with a graphic like I did.


Even if you’re still totally opposed to every fiber of Scott Disick’s being and (my personal favorite parts of) his personal style, you have no choice but to accept that his commitment to fit shows he deserves some style cred.

Steal His Look

Running Errands

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Day at the Office

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Guy’s Night

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Scott Disick is one of those men who simply owns his style, both wardrobe and personality. Even if the “character” he plays isn’t someone you would get along with, or his taste is not yours at all, you have to respect that he has the confidence to always do his lord thing from head to toe.

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