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What to Wear…with Light Wash Jeans
The lighter side of your winter wardrobe
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By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Aug 2 2016

We’ll go ahead and admit it now: Team SG likes a challenge, especially a style challenge (ahem, #NoJeansJanuary). While we’re feeling pretty good about swaying at least one of you in favor of jogger pants, light wash jeans have been a tougher sell. But we’re not giving up that easy. Light wash jeans can look oh-so-cool in the depths of winter or the sweltering summer. Keep them from looking out of place in the colder months by folding in thick patterned flannel and a wool melange topcoat. If the temperature calls for another layer, throw on a knit sweater for added visual interest. 

Below, what to wear with light wash jeans:How to Wear: Light Wash Jeans

Shirt: Carhartt, $169 | Coat: H&M, $199 | Jeans: Polo Ralph Lauren, $100

Boots: Clarks, $70 | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, $130 | Cologne: Frank Los Angeles, $120

Sweater: Barbour, $95 | Watch: Timex, $60 | Hat: Herschel Supply Co., $35 | Socks: J.Crew, $17

Wear it well:

  • Light wash jeans are a rugged, casual piece and look great in the winter months when paired with heartier textures like leather and wool.
  • Try adding a color contrast in your shirt and accessories for an easy way to keep from looking washed out.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, try a double-denim look with a denim jacket instead of a wool coat or a sweater.
  • Another benefit of light wash jeans? They’re a great transition piece between winter and spring seasons, because they can be paired with both color palates seamlessly.



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