What He Wore: NFL’s Adam Rank

What He Wore: NFL’s Adam Rank

a week in the style life of my fave 'fantasy live' expert

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 6 2022 | 3 min read

While it can be fun looking to celebs for sartorial inspiration, it’s often more useful to simply look around you – to stylish friends, co-workers, even strangers on the street. That’s why I like to document the personal style of my well­­-dressed pals right here on SG -­­ real guys I know with killer style.

Adam Rank is one of them. If you have even a passing interest in football, you’ve spent some quality time with Adam, thanks to his appearances on NFL.com’s “Fantasy Live” and columns on the league’s website. He’s also a talented comedian and a super-style-y dresser who’s not afraid of color—as evidenced from a peek into a week at work. You’ll notice a lot of suits—but Adam swears he mixes it up when he’s off-duty. “I really do wear casual clothes sometimes, too,” he told me. Sure Adam. I’ll believe it when I see it.



Suit: Evolution of Style | Shirt and tie: Charles Tyrwhitt | Shoes: Cole Haan

This is our big live show on the NFL Red Zone channel. Here I’m at the video wall on Stage 2, giving out my best value picks of the week. For the record, Sanchez had a great game on Monday night week (it wasn’t before his game with the Packers).



Suit: Hugo Boss | Shirt: DKNY | Tie: Charles Tyrwhitt | Shoes: Cole Haan

My favorite segment of the week is “That Helps No One,” where we look back and celebrate all of the unheard-of guys in the league who scored on Sunday, taking precious fantasy points away from the guys we actually started. I wear pink year round, not only in October. This was taken on the field portion of Stage 2.




Suit: Calvin Klein | Tie: Perry Ellis | Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt | Socks: Nice Laundry

I don’t know why, but Tuesday has evolved into one of our more formal shows. My man Marcus always rocks a bowtie on Tuesday, so I stepped it up here with the three-piece suit. The tie is from Perry Ellis—I’ve had great success with their ties over the years and really like that one. The socks are from Nice Laundry, one of my new favorites. I love that pair. This shot is outside of the studio where I typically hang out and read comic books when I have a free moment. I know—I talk fantasy football and read comic books; I was super-popular in high school. For the record, I like the Charles Tyrwhitt shirts because you can get French cuffs, which allows me to wear cufflinks – typically all from the DC Universe (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, etc.).




Suit: Bar III | Shirt and tie: Charles Tyrwhitt

Purple is the color of royalty and is probably my favorite color. My niece has told me repeatedly purple is a girl’s color, but I’m undaunted. This is your basic news update day. The suit is from Bar III, the Macy’s brand. Surprisingly, I rarely have to have those suits altered.




Jacket: Evolution of Style | Pants: Nordstrom Rack | Shirt: Thomas Pink | Tie: Tie Bar

This sports coat has a pretty rad button flap that shows off a little bit. I mean, there are only so many ways you can make men’s suits and sports coats unique, so I like to add a little extra touch. It means a lot to me. The slacks are from the Nordstrom Rack, which I love. I need to get them retailored for those shows. The set is the “swing set” in Stage 2, where we tape “Like/Dislike” every Friday.

(photos: Ben Liebenberg and Todd Metcalf)

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