15 Reasons to Kick Start Your Style

15 Reasons to Kick Start Your Style

Why not now?
15 reasons to kick start your style

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Aug 15 2019 | 4 min read

We’ve all been there. You’re sick of all the clothes in your closet. Maybe you’re feeling less than fit. Whatever the reason, you’re just not loving your wardrobe. After all, dressing well does take more effort than blindly reaching into your closet each morning and pulling out the least smelly top and bottom. Is it worth it? You need a reason to kick start your style and just haven’t found one yet.

sidney poitier
Sidney Poitier gets it

To arguments of, “But my jeans are so comfortable!” and “No one dresses up anymore!” I say: sure, your broken-in jeans feel good…and so does the feeling of admiring glances when you wear a suit cut just so for your body.

As for Casual Friday stretching into Casual Every Day, I’d ask, why go along with the herd? It’s more fun to be a well-dressed leader than part of the poorly-dressed pack.

Below, 15 reasons to kick start your style this year:

1. Because great clothes and accessories make great conversation starters.

No one will ask you, “Where’d you get that pocket square?” if you never wear a pocket square.

2. Because you put in hard work at the gym

Why not show off the results of all those miles logged on the treadmill?

3. Because you put in hard work at work.

Why not dress like a guy who sits in the corner office if that’s where you want to sit someday?

4. Because past SG Madness winners like Idris Elba and Ryan Gosling don’t have the market on men’s style cornered.

ryan gosling bladerunner premieres

Just because you’re not a literal movie star doesn’t mean you deserve anything less than a wardrobe that makes you feel like a million bucks!

5. Because you’ll never improve your style if you don’t try.

6. Because a well-made suit shouldn’t waste its life away hidden in the back your closet.

Sometimes you have to dress up (funerals, uhhh, court dates?). Sometimes you get to dress up (weddings! schmancy dates!). Live life accordingly.

7. Because you never know who you’ll run into when you leave the house.

Why wouldn’t Olivia Munn frequent your local drugstore?

8.Because a casual workplace is no excuse for sloppy work.

And it shouldn’t be an excuse for sloppy clothes.

9. Because a pretty girl giving you the once-over feels pretty damn great.

Look, let’s just admit the reality of the world we all live in. First impressions count! So if you’re expecting her to make a good one, you better have your game on point, too.

10. Because your clothes make a statement about who you are.

Dressing like you don’t care about your appearance makes people wonder what else you don’t care about.

11. Because your boss may wonder if you’re interviewing for a new job and finally give you that raise you deserve.

12. Because dressing well is good for your self-esteem.

Dressing with intention forces you to develop the confidence needed to stand out in a crowd.

13. Because style isn’t a zero-sum game.

Just because dressing well is your friend / brother / boss’s “thing” doesn’t mean it can’t be yours, too. After all, you’re all allowed to like baseball and pizza and Rick & Morty, right?

14. Because if you ever score courtside seats, you’ll have just the thing to wear.

beyonce courtside, kick start your style
image: Billboard

15. Because y’know that feeling you get when you see your wife or girlfriend gets extra dolled up for a big date?

She feels the same way when she sees you all dressed up, too.


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