5 Days, 5 Ways: The Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

5 Days, 5 Ways: The Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

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short sleeve sweatshirt, saturdays nyc, spring, layer

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: May 15 2017 | 2 min read

I think we can all agree the best part about cold weather is the social acceptability of being able to bundle up in your favorite sweatpants because it’s too cold to function otherwise, right? Thankfully, that comfort is no longer reserved for sub 50 degree weather.

Enter, the short sleeve sweatshirt. A hybrid of an oversized tee and your favorite crewneck sweatshirt, the short sleeve sweatshirt offers an array of layering options for warm weather. Is it a sweatshirt? Is it a tee? Wear it literally however you want to wear it. The style below is meant to be a bit oversized, but you can size down for a slimmer fit.


short sleeve sweatshirt, saturdays nyc, spring, layer

A short sleeve sweatshirt can add the same athleisure vibe as your favorite long sleeve, with extra breathability for the warmer weather.

suit supply, short sleeve sweatshirt, saturdays nyc, want les essentiels, pair of thieves, steven alan

Suit: Suit Supply, $499 | Shoes: Want Les Essentiels, $450 | Glasses: Steven Alan, $225

Socks: Pair of Thieves, $10 | Pen: DELFONICS, $10

Wear it well: Pair your sweatshirt with a suit for a elevated casual look.


short sleeve sweatshirt, karhu, jack spade, shinola, everlane, j.crew

Shirt: Everlane, $58 | Chinos: J.Crew, $68 | Sneakers: Karhu, $130

Watch: Shinola, $850 | Backpack: Jack Spade, $248

Wear it well: Layer your short sleeve sweatshirt over your shirt for a spring take on your favorite casual layer.


short sleeve sweatshirt, saturdays nyc, reiss, bonobos, bass, giles & brother, bellroy

Shirt: Bonobos, $88 | Trousers: Reiss, $195 | Loafers: G.H. Bass, $110

Belt: Maximum Henry, $105 | Bracelet: Giles & Brother, $120 Wallet: Bellroy, $80

Wear it well: Roll up the sleeves on your shirt so they don’t peek past the sleeves of the sweatshirt.


spring, summer, short sleeve sweatshirt, shorts, soludos, sid masburn, gant, linen, uniqlo, paul smith

Jacket: Gant, $275 | Shorts: Sid Mashburn, $145 | Espadrilles: Soludos, $85

Belt: Uniqlo, $30 | Money Clip: Paul Smith, $95

Wear it well: Wear your short sleeve sweatshirt on its own in place of a tee.


short sleeve sweatshirt, edwin, saturdays nyc, obey, new balance, komono

Jeans: Edwin, $175 | Sneakers: New Balance, $180 | Sunglasses: Komono, $70

 Cap: Obey, $31 | Cologne: O’Douds, $48

Wear it well: Wear your short sleeve sweatshirt out day drinking with dark jeans, sneakers and fun accessories.




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