5 Days, 5 Ways: The Black Suit, Halloween Edition

Spook out with your suit out

Real talk here: Halloween is my favorite holiday. I would honestly give up all other holidays for 12 Halloweens, and I would never get bored of it. While I’m big (BIG!) into costumes, I hate the idea of buying something to only wear once, and even buying something specifically for a Halloween costume kind of irks me. If I were to ever start a petition, it would be for no more polyester-shirt-sewn-to-pants-with-accompanying-shoe-cover-in-a-plastic-bag-for-$75 costumes to be created or sold, ever. There are so many amazing Halloween costumes to be had within your own closet – plus a few doodads you actually probably already have – that there’s not reason to buy the male version of a “Sexy Bee” costume, ever.

THE BLACK SUIT: Theory, Jacket, $545; and Pants, $225

The black suit is something that you’ll wear for than one occasion, so if you don’t already have one, buying one now isn’t a bad idea.

Below, 5 Halloween costumes that wouldn’t be possible without a black suit.



Shirt: Bonobos, $148 | Bowtie: The Tie Bar, $19 | Pocket Square: Ted Baker, $25

Watch: Nixon, $150 | Shoes: John Varvatos, $298 | Pomade: Jack Black, $22

Get into character: Refuse to drink anything that’s not a martini, shaken, not stirred.

Buddy up: Bond Girl, M, Goldfinger, Dr. No or another villain of your friend’s choice



Shirt: J.Crew, $98 | Black Tie: Everlane, $55  | Black Sunglasses: Ray-ban, $105

Travel Toothbrush Case: Violife, $23 | Watch: Hamilton, $845  | Shoes: Allen Edmonds, $385

Get into character: Pretend the travel toothbrush case is the Neuralyzer and don’t you dare take your sunglasses off.

Buddy up: The Agent K to your J, Aliens, Pug


 Shirt: Nordstrom, $50 | Tie: Steven Alan, $88 | Shoes: Rockport, $120 | Watch: Timex, $75

Socks: L.L. Bean, $13 | Fedora: Goorin Brothers, $54 | Sunglasses: Ray-ban, $155

Harmonica: Jambone, $6

Get into character: Use a Sharpie to tattoo your fingers with the appropriate name and cross.

Buddy up: The Elwood to your Jake (or vice versa) is all you really need


Tuxedo Shirt: Brooks Brothers, $225 | Waistcoat: Hackett London, $306

Shirt Studs: JCPenney, $48 | Bowtie: The Tie Bar, $19

Boutonniere: Amazon, $23Hat: Stetson, $19 | Shoes: Florsheim, $110

Get into character: Comb your hair back, slick it down, scribble on a mustache and raise your voice no higher than a raspy whisper.

Buddy up: Kay in head-to-toe orange, Michael Coreleone, Sonny Coreleone


White Shirt: Kenneth Cole, $42 | Bolo Tie: Landison, $32 | Black Belt: Dockers, $28

Black Socks: Uniqlo, $5 | Clip-on Hoop Earring: Icing, $3 | Shoes: Cole Haan, $198 

Get into character: Get a long, silky black wig, tie it back in a low pony, add on some side burns and do the twist.

Buddy up: Jules, Mia Wallace, Marcellus Wallace, Captain Koons

Disclaimer: Don’t worry if the black suit isn’t quite ‘the’ black suit for that character – only a really irrational fan would get on your case about adding an extra button to the Men In Black costume, and most people won’t know if you’re wearing the wrong kind of collar for your bolo tie. Halloween is all in good fun – if you get into character mentally, the particulars aren’t important.





Meyers is a former intern, turned regular contributor at Style Girlfriend. She lives in Philadelphia and works as a personal stylist at Anthropologie. She likes to instagram dogs and other things at @gabi_meyers.



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