5 Days, 5 Ways: Halloween Costumes with Overalls

5 Days, 5 Ways: Halloween Costumes with Overalls

Yep, Still Trying to Get You to Buy Overalls
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By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Oct 13 2023 | 3 min read

I’ve been trying to convince Megan to let me feature overalls for men in a 5 Days, 5 Ways feature for years. Years! When I saw “Halloween Edition?” on the editorial calendar, I knew this was my opportunity.

I love Halloween, and I love overalls.

While Megan’s on-board with the latter, she’s decidedly ambivalent about the former.

So I sent her a list with well over five ways to wear overalls for Halloween, and She. Was. All. In.

So, yes, I want to see you wearing overalls in real life. (Coveralls, too!) And if you’ve been thinking about adding this workhorse staple to your wardrobe, well, now’s the time! Because I honestly believe you shouldn’t buy something to wear just once. And these overalls? I bet you’ll be surprised at how often you find an opportunity to wear them after October 31.

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Invest in one pair of overalls to serve as the foundation for several iconic Halloween costume ideas (and, ahem, rotate them into your regular wardrobe come November).

Below, five Halloween costume ideas featuring overalls for men:

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red shirt | cap | boots | gloves | moustache wax

Get into character: Your girl, Princess Peach. Your best bud, Luigi. Your favorite frenemy, Wario.

overalls, halloween costume, costume ideas, dexy's midnight runners, 80's

sweater vest | sneakers | cap | bandana scarf | belt

Get into character: Cuff the hems and rub some dirt on your face. Get your crew to go as the crew, or get your girl to go as Eileen in that red dress.

backstreet boys, n*sync, 98 degrees, 90s, boy band, overalls, halloween, costume ideas, halloween costume

tee | chain | sneakers | sunglasses

Get into character: This is no solo costume, so make sure you get your boys in on this look. Bonus points if you can nail that early JT ramen hair.

overalls, halloween, halloween costume, overalls for men

muscle tank | boots | chains | rings | beard oil

Get into character: If you ever wanted to try out a mohawk, this costume is your perfect chance.

Also, ask all of your lady friends to borrow their gold jewelry before investing – if they pool theirs together, you should have just enough.

Plus, they’ll totally admire your commitment to the ‘ume (short for costume. Can I make that take off?).

overalls, scarecrow, halloween, costume ideas, halloween costume

plaid shirt | boots | hat | socks

Get into character: Just add hay! And if your friends want to join you, go with the Wizard of Oz theme.

Honorable mentions go to Minions, Jason Voorhees, Lumberjack, Chuckie, Painter, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Everett McGill from O Brother Where Art Thou?

All of which would be equally great costumes for your brand-new overalls (!!) and I highly encourage all of these and those above and whatever costumes you have in mind. Because I for one love Halloween.

Sorry Megan.

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