Style Roundup: 14 Pieces for your Summer Work Wardrobe

Look good, stay cool

Finding the balance between comfortable and office-appropriate attire in your summer work wardrobe can be trickier than coordinating a status meeting for your entire team. On a Friday. At 3pm.

So let SG HQ assure you: it can be done. When you’re less inclined to layer, focus on adding visual interest to otherwise simple looks with textured pieces, bright whites, and seasonal patterns.

Our picks to amp up your summer work wardrobe:

1. Easy, Breezy Suit

pants ($98) and jacket ($228), Express

SG Says: This bad boy straddles the line between work and weekend – looking just as good with a breezy button-up shirt for work, as with a tee on the weekends. Yes, it’ll get a little wrinkly (like your linen suit!), and yes, that’s okay.

2. Brown dub monks

Paul Evans, $425

SG Says: We’re just gonna come out and say it: a flash of bare ankle on a man wearing dub monks in the summer is very sexy. Leave the top buckle unbuckled for an extra dash of “Ooooh.”

3. A new gingham shirt

Mizzen + Main, $125

SG Says: You know and we know that gingham’s not going anywhere. Upgrade yours for the summer with M+M’s stretchy and sweat-absorbing fabric.

4. small cardholder

DSTLD, $35

SG Says: We’re not saying you’re going to lose your wallet at the bar..or off the side of a boat..or at a barbecue, but it’s probably best to keep it to just the essentials when you hit the town this summer.

5. fresh summer scent

The Motley, $120

SG Says: Need help on picking the right fragrance for you this summer? We got you.

6. knit tie

The Tie Bar, $25

SG Says:Small details that show your personal style (and personality) are the key to going the extra mile with minimal effort.

7. white sneakers

Toms, $56

SG Says: We may be all about a retro sneaker recently, but we’ll always hold a space in our heart for a man in a clean white tennis shoe.

8. lightweight trousers

J.Crew, $98

SG Says: Pair those crisp white sneakers with these lightweight trousers and the polo below for a monochrome workday look that just screams summer.

9. luxe polo

Todd Snyder, $188

SG Says: You can’t go wrong with a timeless pique polo, so add a little oomph to your weekday by choosing a polo with contrasting pajama piping for a retro look.

10. canvas work bag

Filson, $325

SG Says: The authority in durability, this Filson bag will get you from Point A to Point B with everything you need…in style.

11. suede loafers

Clarks, $90

12. wear ’em everywhere chinos

Bonobos, $98

SG Says: Break from the usual blue and grey routine with an easy to wear olive green (remember: it’s basically a neutral!).

13. striped tee

1901 Nordstrom, $40

SG Says: Have we convinced you to invest in a striped t-shirt yet? Well, have we??

14. lightweight watch

Skagen, $135

SG Says: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Let that “somewhere” be on the hands of a mesh metal watch that can translate from work to happy hour even after an outfit switch.



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