Men's Style Roundup: 7 Pairs of 7-inch Shorts

Sport this shorter inseam all summer long

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: May 5 2021

We’ve been debating the point on Instagram, and we’re ready to make a decision: 7″ shorts are the new normal for guys.

After all, you’ve done the squats, and the weather’s…well, it’s pretty disgusting, so it’s time! Give your legs the spotlight with a shorter inseam this summer.

We know you’re better than a knee-length lewk, so if you haven’t already, why not consider a pair of 7-inch shorts for the warm weather?

Below, 7 of the best 7-inch shorts for guys:

1. J.Crew, $70

SG Says: Functional by definition, shorts are designed to keep you cool. So, why not maximize escaping the heat even further by elevating your hemline a bit?

J.Crew’s tech shorts are made in a stretch, recycled nylon blend, making them a comfortable, stylish option for everywhere from the golf course to the beach to dinner.

2. Old Navy, $27

SG Says: Even better than their function as “nature’s AC,” shorts can be used to accentuate your frame.

It’s simple enough: longer shorts (below the knee) will visually shorten your legs, while showing some thigh will make your legs look longer.

3. Madewell, $68

SG Says: These “best-of-both-worlds” chino shorts from Madewell make a strong case for the best 7-inch shorts of summer. They’ve got a button-fly in the front and elastic in the back, sort of like…the mullet of summer bottoms? In a good way, we mean!

They’re perfect for easy, summertime outfits.

We also love this sunwashed, burnt orange color if you like the cut and already have neutral-hued shorts covered in your warm weather wardrobe.

4. Todd Snyder, $98

SG Says: Keep in mind that fit is king. Anyone can get used to a 7″ inseam, but if your shorts are too tight, you’ll look…squished.

Order accordingly, and everybody’s happy.

5. Bonobos, $79

SG Says: What more is there to say about this pair of chino shorts from Bonobos? Sometimes simple and straightforward is the way to go.

Throw on a solid colored t-shirt, OCBD, or light sweater with these bottoms and be on your way.

6. Olivers, $68

SG Says: Okay, so technically these Olivers shorts have a 7.5″ inseam, but they look so good, we couldn’t skip ’em.

You’ll want to wear the appropriately-named All Over Short pretty much everywhere.

Which is fine!

This style comes in nine varying shades of neutral, so you could pull on a pair every single day and not repeat in a week.

7. Target, $20

SG Says: These textured linen shorts look great with whatever you want to pair them with up top, from a lightweight button-down like the model above, or a simple pocket tee.

Pair these shorts with a messenger bag, your favorite slip-on sneakers, and a face mask for a day of running errands in style.

Pro tip!

Cuffing your longer shorts is a great way to try the 7″ style without the commitment.

Just fold the hem of your shorts twice to achieve a shorter (temporary) short.


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