15 Spring T-Shirts for Guys to Snap Up Now

Put some spring in your step with these warm weather tees

By Taylor Davies | Last Updated: May 24 2020

It’s my favorite season in New York, early spring and the de-layering of one’s wardrobe. Are you as excited as I am to get some Vitamin D during your daily commute? That’s why I pulled together my favorite spring t-shirts for guys, just for you.

Time to get those forearms ready for warm weather!

Shop 15 stylish spring t-shirts for guys, below:

1. Buck Mason, $30

SG Says: The curved hem on this Buck Mason tee is what takes the basic grey tee up a notch. Okay, make that a whole bunch of notches.

Add to that the super-soft feel, and you might have just found your new favorite wardrobe staple.

2. Todd Snyder, $68

SG Says: If you were at last summer’s SG tie-dye extravaganza here in New York, this is the t-shirt you covered in color. Well, in white.

Yes, it’s expensive, but it feels so so so so so so nice when you wear it, and it really holds up to repeated washings.

3. Noah, $52

SG Says: Okay, yes, Noah is one of those “trendy in New York” brands that I probably get more excited about than you, but trust that this pocket tee (which also comes in yellow, raspberry, bright blue, black, and white) is legit.

If you care about name ID, you’ve got some on the pocket; if you don’t, you’ve still got a solidly constructed t-shirt you’ll wear all spring and summer.

4. J.Crew, $35

SG Says: The double-edged sword of talking about guys’ style is that the best stuff often isn’t the trendy stuff. It’s the basics that will become your wardrobe workhorse. Case in point? The solid-colored pocket tee.

Made from garment-dyed cotton, these classic J.Crew tees have a perfectly imperfect color and softly fade over time, capturing the laid-back look of your favorite tee, even faster.

5. Native Youth, $50

SG Says: Of course, I know you’re not afraid of a little trend from time to time. For instance? The still-cool-in-2020 tie dye trend.

Roll the sleeves on this Mollusk tee and pair with your most on-brand light wash dad jeans for a look that is, like, so sooo chill, man.

6. Old Navy, $12

SG Says: Twelve dollars? Twelve dollars!

What are you even still doing reading this? Click! Buy!

7. Rowing Blazers, $67

SG Says: You want millennial pink? You got it. You want a felt patch satin stitched where a pocket would be? Done.

This Rowing Blazers tee is obnoxious in all the right ways, like a Wes Anderson movie.

8. Club Monaco, $40

SG Says: Loving the tan and orange color combo of this striped Club Monaco t-shirt. Wear it like a neutral (aka, with anything and everything you own), traffic cone stripes be damned.

9. James Perse, $95

SG Says: You’re just going to have to trust us that the uber-luxe feel of this sueded jersey pocket tee from James Perse is worth the dent in your wallet.

10. Tailgate, $30

SG Says: Sports!

11. Abercrombie & Fitch, $25

SG Says: Because a l’il light (strategically placed) paint never hurt nobody…

12. Everlane, $18

SG Says: Yes, another pocket tee. This time, in a rich mustard color that probably doesn’t look like anything in your closet right now.

Which means it might just be time to add this shade of the rainbow to your wardrobe.

13. Armor Lux, $55

SG Says: Putting to bed once and for all the idea that bigger guys can’t wear horizontal stripes? This Armor Lux tee that’s a total chef’s kiss.

14. Comme Des Garçons Play, $69

SG Says: Looking for a little more lavender in your life? Aren’t we all! This CdG number should do the trick.

15. Patagonia, $35

SG Says: Sometimes, simple is best. Like this white Patagonia tee with just the slightest of virtue signaling with the little logo in the corner that says, “Why yes, I do like to hike on the weekends.”


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