The 6 Best Spring Fragrances for Men

The 6 Best Spring Fragrances for Men

A New Season is the Perfect Time to Try a New Scent
best spring fragrances for men

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 19 2024 | 6 min read

I love the rituals of welcoming spring. Cracking the windows in your home to let in fresh air. Swapping your heavy winter coat for a lighter number. Wearing sunglasses because there’s actually sun to block out, not just because you loathe accidental eye contact with strangers.

And, of course, my favorite rite of spring…buying a l’il something new to celebrate the changing season.

Whether the season’s arrival greets you with actual changes in the weather, or simply a reminder popping up on your phone of the vernal equinox, you can still get into the spirit of spring with one simple swap–your scent.

Ready to upgrade your men’s fragrance game? SG HQ did the sniffing so you don’t have to. The best spring colognes below are perfect for warm weather, so you can wear ’em all the way through Labor Day (just like your white jeans!).

Below, find the 6 best spring fragrances for men this spring:

1. Henry Rose “Windows Down”

  • Fragrance description: Bright grapefruit and notes of bergamot encounter honeyed neroli and tea for a light and floral finish
  • Notes: neroli, grapefruit, bergamot, moss, orange flower, soft Earl Grey tea

This brand technically is technically a “celebrity fragrance line, but its scent street cred goes beyond its movie star bona fides.

Michelle Pfeiffer launched Henry Rose to provide a safe, non-toxic option in an industry notoriously not-so-transparent with its ingredients.

The collection of fragrances was the first to get a seal of approval from the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit dedicated to helping consumers avoid toxic chemicals in the environment, and be Cradle to Cradle-certified.

All of which wouldn’t matter, of course, if it didn’t smell great, too. Thankfully, it does.

2. 19-69 “Invisible Post”

  • Fragrance description: Fresh citrus and fruits
  • Notes: Green fig, black currant, Virginian cedarwood

This fresh-smelling fragrance is inspired by the Summer of Love and hippie trails of the 1960s. But don’t worry, you won’t smell like patchouli (or pot) when you spritz it on. Instead, Invisible Post boasts a fresh citrus scent with a blend of green fig, black currant, and Virginian cedarwood notes for an uplifting, not stoned scent.

3. Glossier “You”

glossier you, best spring fragrances for men
  • Fragrance description: Warm & Spicy
  • Notes: Pink pepper, iris, ambrox

You might have heard about Glossier from your girlfriend, or seen one of their massive billboards in millennial pink pop up in your city.

While the skincare and makeup company mostly caters to the ladies, their first scent, called, appropriately, You, smells inexplicably good on everyone I’ve met who’s tried it—including guys.

This is because, according to the perfumers, You is heavy on base notes (including musk and ambrox) with the wearer being the “final ingredient”in making the scent what it is.

Meaning? You and your girlfriend could share it and no one would ever know you’re wearing the same scent.

4. Ouai “Dean Street”

ouai dean street fragrance
  • Fragrance description: Like taking a ride along the English countryside, Dean Street’s fresh and floral top and middle notes go together like biscuits and tea.
  • Notes: key citrus notes of mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit. Middle notes of rose, magnolia, muguet, and violet

OUAI’s scents are named and formulated after the celebrity hair stylist and founder Jen Atkin’s favorite city streets. The Dean Street Eau De Parfum is inspired by London and serves up a chef’s kiss perfect combination of citrus and floral notes.

Oh, and as an aside…PLEASE don’t be weirded out when you click through and find a scent categorized under ‘women’s’ that we recommend.

Most unisex fragrances default to the lady aisle when it comes to e-commerce, which can be confusing!

5. Tom Ford “Grey Vetiver” Eau de Parfum

tom ford grey vetiver
  • Fragrance description: A mix of salty notes and sunny, woody accords.
  • Top notes: Grapefruit, Orange Blossom and Sage. Middle notes: Nutmeg, Orris Root and Pimento. Base notes: Vetiver, Woodsy Notes, Oakmoss and Amber.

If you know one thing about me, it’s that I’m from Wisconsin.

If you know two things about me, it’s that I lo-o-o-ove Tom Ford fragrances.

Men’s or women’s. Cold weather and warm. That extends to the brand’s Grey Vetiver Eau de Parfum. It’s an elegant and refreshing scent characterized by bright orange flower and notes of Grapefruit accords, balanced by earthy moss and spicy nutmeg.

Even for spring and into summer, this scent is serious and sensual. Perfect for smelling like you’re about to go commit a crime in a Thomas Crown Affair, sexy kind of way.

6. Grooming Lounge “Handsome Devil”

grooming lounge handsome devil fragrance
  • Fragrance description: Finely curated luxury fragrance for the handsome charmer, the top-tier bloke with good looks and a penchant for danger. Exudes an air of masculinity and allure.
  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Cranberry, Pink Pepper. Heart Notes: Lavender, Orange Blossom, Sage. Base Notes: Base: Sandalwood, Coumarin, Vetiver

This Grooming Lounge exclusive smells classic and modern at the same time. And with such a bold-colored bottle, you’re sure to reach for it again and again this spring.


And a few classic best spring fragrances for men our team loves in spring: Creed Aventus, Acqua di Parma, Bleu de Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, and Prada L’Homme


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