The Guy’s Guide to White Pants in Fall and Winter

The Guy’s Guide to White Pants in Fall and Winter

The shoes, shirts, and more to wear with them
men's white pants outfits

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jan 23 2024 | 8 min read

If you’ve been wondering how to wear white pants men’s outfits in fall and winter, well, you’ve come to the right place. Because I love to see men in “winter white.”

What does winter white mean?

The term winter white generally refers to clothes that are white or even off-white in durable, cold weather-ready materials, as opposed to summery materials like linen. Think: fisherman sweaters, jeans, and twill pants in creamy-colored hues.

And if you think you’re ready for it, I’ve got a super-secret styling tip that I’m sharing exclusively with the Style Girlfriend community. Ready?

Pretend winter white pants are just…regular pants.

“But will I look like I took a wrong turn on the way to dinner at an all-inclusive beach resort, Gabi?” you may ask.

Not if you do it right! Styling white pants in fall and winter is all about embracing contrasts and playing with textures. Like pairing winter white denim or corduroy pants with a chunky knit sweater.

Now try to keep it quiet, or all the guys are going to start wearing white jeans and pants in the cold weather months and looking as good as you will!

Tips for wearing white pants men’s outfits in fall and winter

White does not (have to) mean bright white. Like I said, winter white really refers to a range of shades from blinding white all the way to cream or even light tan.

Fit is king. Not all fall and winter-weight pants are created equal. Look for a pair that flatters your body type and personal style, while working with your existing wardrobe and lifestyle.

Fabric matters. Especially when opting for white-white, make sure the material of your pants reads decidedly cold weather wardrobe. Fall and winter is not the time to bust out your linen drawstring pants you bought for last year’s spring break trip to Aruba. Not only will your outfit look off, you’ll freeze!

Layer like a pro. Layering is your best friend when it comes to winter white pants. By adding cold weather essentials like chunky knits and cozy turtlenecks up top, your outfit will look intentional, not haphazard.

When in doubt, stick to dark or neutral hues on top. When wearing white pants, steer away from bright or pastel colors. This is to once again prevent you from looking like you are wearing an outfit better suited for July. Instead, stick to darker, rich tones up top like cranberry or forest green. Or, go with neutral colors like grey, navy, cream, and black which make it easy to build outfits that look really good.

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What winter white pants to buy?

Corduroy is a good place to start when buying white pants for the winter months. An off-white pair of jeans also works, though I find some guys can be intimidated starting there.

Another option? A pair of very light khaki-colored chinos.

↓ Keep scrolling for white pants men’s outfits to wear this fall and winter ↓

men's winter white pants outfits

Look 1: Workwear pants with a white shirt

white pants mens outfit
image: artist Nick Doyle for Todd Snyder x Clarks Originals

You may think office style when envisioning winter white pants outfits, but you can absolutely make a more casual look work, too. Opt for a pair of loose workwear pants and add a chunky sweater. From there, go with as many layers as you like (or need!), from a boiled wool overshirt to a puffer vest.

When it comes to the question, what color shoes to wear with men’s white pant?, grey is generally a good answer. These cool Clarks with their crepe sole offer enough neutrality to keep the overall look cohesive.

Get the look

Swap the sweater for a long-sleeve shirt if the above looks like you’d boil in it.

On the bottom, you could wear more standard leather sneakers if the crepe sole isn’t your vibe.

Look 2: winter white pants with loafers

white pants mens outfit
image: @thearmourynyc

Expect to see a lot of loafer looks in 2024. The footwear adds a sophisticated, smart casual appeal to any outfit. And duh, they’re so easy to wear. I like that it’s cool now to sport them with socks, too.

This outfit would also look good with a solid-colored sweater, but in the cold weather months, there’s nothing more seasonal than a Fair Isle style.

get the look
winter white pants mens outfit

pants | sweater | Oxford shirt | socks (similar) | loafers

To me, this outfit feels collegiate without swinging into costume-y territory. I love how the socks pick up on the sweater without feeling matchy-matchy, since no one will really see the green on your feet.

Look 3: Crisp chinos with layers on top

white pants mens outfit
image: @muse_by_mars

Sporty meets stylish. I love the waterproof sneakers here that nod to cold weather but aren’t defined by it. The technical jacket could just as easily be swapped for a topcoat or other kind of jacket; it just depends on the day (and temperature).

get the look
twill pants mens outfit

twill pants | denim shirt | fleece layer | jacket | boots | beanie | gloves

When it comes to white pants mens outfit ideas, always think: the more layers the better.

Look 4: Cuffed white pants with a blazer

white pants mens outfit
image: @velascamilano

Are you ready to embrace workwear-style denim in 2024? You may think it only works with casual outfits, but this blazer ensemble proves otherwise.

Sure, you could wear this same outfit with a hoodie up top, but why would you?

get the look
workwear pants mens outfit

pants | blazer | shirt | knit polo | belt | ring | bracelets | shoes

This is the perfect way to embrace a pop of color in the colder months…with it just peeking out from under two layers on top.

Shop men’s white pants…and off-white pants!

Best men’s bright white chinos
todd snyder white wide leg chinos

Embrace the wide-leg fit in this perfect pair of chinos.

Best white corduroy pants
bonobos off white corduroy pants

The gold standard in casually stylish cords. Wear them with all your white pants mens outfits in cold weather months.

Best white workwear pants
madewell relaxed workwear pant in white

Look and feel your best in jeans that fit just right.

Best white jeans
Frame L'Homme slim fit white jeans

Just the right shade of off-white to be able to wear all year round.

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