3 Drawstring Shorts Outfits for Guys

3 Drawstring Shorts Outfits for Guys

Casual spring and summer style
men's casual drawstring shorts outfits 2024

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Apr 20 2024 | 5 min read

There’s no single clothing item that sings, “Warm weather is here!” than shorts.

T-shirts? Love ’em, but you can wear those under a sweater all through winter.

Swim trunks? You’ve gotta wait ’til summer.

But shorts? Shorts are ready to wear now.

Today, we’re spotlighting drawstring shorts. Thanks to their comfortable elasticized waistlines, they’re a real fan favorite style of shorts for guys. And hey, us ladies get it! We’re not wearing leggings for our health.

You’ll find three drawstring shorts outfits in this guide, perfect to wear all spring and into summer.

Casual and comfortable, yet totally stylish, a drawstring short in cotton or twill is the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.

Below, 3 drawstring shorts outfits for guys to wear:

2022 drawstring shorts outfits for guys
for WFH
men's drawstring shorts outfit with pink shorts, a dark-colored sweater, bandana, and leather sneakers

Shop the outfit:

Wear it Well: When it comes to the right occasions for drawstring shorts outfits for guys, a regular ol’ work from home workday is pretty much perfect.

A lived-in sweatshirt over a short-sleeve Oxford shirt is a perfectly put together combination for Zoom calls, while the corduroy shorts look better than sloppy sweatpants if you need to dash out.

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As for the footwear? I love these Saucony sneakers.

Don’t be afraid to pair them with tall crew socks. In 2024, we’re skipping the no-show socks in favor of something more visible. Yes, I said it!

weekend vibes
men's drawstring shorts outfit with a tank top, short-sleeve patterned shirt, and leather slip-on shoes

Shop the outfit:

Wear it Well: A pair of slippers I highly encourage you to wear out of the house!

These Nisolo woven slip-ons have become a warm weather men’s wardrobe staple.

As for the rest of the lewk, do not sleep on these funky tie-dye BDG shorts from Urban Outfitters.

With the band collar button-down up top, the outfit as a whole looks surprisingly sophisticated.

dressy casual
casual men's shorts outfit featuring pink drawstring shorts, a long-sleeve tee under a striped quarter zip pullover and green boat shoes

Shop the outfit:

Wear it Well: If you know anything about Team SG, it’s that we love a man in stripes!

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Opt for a classic boat shoe, or go for something unexpected like huarache sandals to ensure you’re not veering into Kennedy cosplay with your outfit.

How to tie drawstring shorts

Don’t overthink it!

The same type of knot you use to lace up your sneakers works for drawstring shorts.

Just don’t leave the strings untied. It’ll look sloppy.

Shop stylish and affordable drawstring shorts for guys:

Length: This style comes in 5″ and 7″ (cough go for the shorter style cough)

SG Says: This under-$100 pair is the perfect compliment to your summer tan.

I love the slightly faded coloring, which makes it look like you found the perfect vintage pair while thrifting.

Length: 7″

SG Says: This Old Navy style has become a favorite of our personal stylists.

Not too expensive. Just the right length. What’s not to like?

Length: 6 1/2″

SG Says: These affordable, classic cotton shorts are also available in nine different colors. You’ll barely have to do laundry this summer!

4. J.Crew, $70

j.crew dock shorts

Length: 6″

SG Says: These are the same shorts used in the outfits featured here. J.Crew’s dock shorts feel like you’ve had them forever, the first time you pull them on.

In a good way, of course.

If you’re covered for khaki and other neutrals, opt for tomato red, or a textured blue seersucker. They’ve also got a tech fabric style our season our team is pretty into.

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