20 of the Best Men’s Summer Fragrances Women Will Love Smelling On You

20 of the Best Men’s Summer Fragrances Women Will Love Smelling On You

Smell like you're on vacation all season long

By Taylor Davies | Last Updated: Apr 6 2024 | 16 min read

More than any other season, summer really is a feeling, isn’t it? Freshly mowed grass between your toes, a cold beer sweating on a picnic table, the rhythmic lapping of ocean waves on sand. The best fragrances to wear this time of year capture those fleeting moments in layers of scent.

Personally, when I hug a man in say, July, I want him to smell like a man but also like a lemonade stand, tennis balls, burnt out fireworks, and sunscreen, you know? Fresh but somehow nostalgic. Thankfully, no matter what combination of core memories and aromatic elements you want to evoke, someone has bottled it and you can buy it. 

Meaning? If you’re ready to upgrade your men’s fragrance game, now’s the time. Even better? SG HQ did the sniffing for you.

And listen, let me say right now this isn’t an in-depth analysis of the difference between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum. That’s not my bag, to be honest! These scents are my favorite warm weather colognes and fragrances to smell on a guy. If you find one that speaks to the man you imagine yourself to be from June to September, I’ve done my job!

Below, find the 20 best men’s summer fragrances:


Want a cologne that your friends aren’t wearing already? Check out these scents from new and interesting fragrance brands.

1. 19-69 L’Air Barbès

round bottle of fragrance with blue base and a silver nozzle, black cap sitting beside bottle
  • Fragrance description: “A silky-smooth citrus scent with elements of concrete and ink; it’s cold, light, and fresh. L’air Barbès is a tribute to Paris, capital de la mode, evocative of Paris’s different personas, including the concrete alleyways and le banlieue.”
  • Notes: Fresh Lemon, Concrete, Leather

This niche fragrance brand is having a moment on social media and one spritz of this will have you understanding why. The rich, layered fragrance dries down to a musky, leather scent. Consider layering it with something brighter if you want more balance.

2. Boy Smells Suede Pony

round fragrance bottle with pink label and black lettering, tall black cap
  • Fragrance description: “A unique mix of moody sophistication and sexy irreverence, this scent is all about blazing your own way. Unexpected combinations of brushed suede and hazelnut sit on a palette of violet, golden amber and resinous labdanum.”
  • Notes: saffron, pineapple, cardamom

Giddyup and grab this fragrance from one of our favorite candle brands. It’s giving Cowboy Carter, so wear it with your favorite western wear.

3. Commodity Moss

two bottles of fragrance side by side, one is black and the other white
  • Fragrance description: “This fragrance’s crisp aroma is one that nature would be proud of. Fresh, green and earthy, it’s reminiscent of a walk in the woods at dawn—wet, cool, clean and reviving.”
  • Notes: Bergamot, Oakmoss, Petitgrain

Commodity is a brand we’ve long been fans of at SG HQ, and after some recent retooling, they’re back and better than ever in 2024.

They do something really interesting, which they call “Scent Space” to help you find the right strength of scent for you.

Want your scent to be more subtle and project only to those in the closest vicinity to you? Opt for the “Personal” version. Want to let the world know when you walk in a room? Go with “Expressive” or their most amplified option, “Bold.”

Interestingly, the bottles ring up at the same price, so the differences are not about quality or ingredients, just preference.

4. Heretic Dirty Grass, $165

a bottle of fragrane with a white label and a black cap
  • Fragrance description: “A vibrant opening that intoxicates the spirit and a rich honey dry-down that grounds the soul with a complex strain of earthy sweetness and natural wellness.”
  • Notes: Black Pepper, Lemon

Not your average summer fragrance. Heretic’s Dirty Grass features unconventional notes of grassy vetiver, calming violet leaf, and hints of fresh lemon.

Each 50 ml bottle also contains 500 mg of full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil, giving the fragrance its deep green character…and making it illegal to ship to Idaho, Iowa, and Michigan, or outside of the United States.

Tried and True Classics

If the bottle ain’t broke…

5. Versace Pour Homme

a bottle of blue cologne in a clear bottle with a silver cap
  • Fragrance description: “Blends essential ingredients of Mediterranean origin to hit aromatic notes that match the man of today: knowledgeable and self-confident, he has the ability to live in harmony with the natural world. Dynamic and entrepreneurial, the Versace Pour Homme man communicates his forceful and passionate character through this decidedly masculine fragrance.”
  • Notes: Bergamot, Neroli, Citron of Diamante, Bitter Orange Leaves, Geranium, Clary Sage, Blue Hyacinth, Cedarwood, Old Wood, Mineral Amber, Tonka Bean, Musk.

A classic summer scent that makes some women absolutely feral. It’s clean, crisp, and smells slightly expensive.

6. Bleu de Chanel

a dark-colored bottle of fragrance with a black cap
  • Fragrance description: “Unites the invigorating zest of grapefruit and the power of an aromatic accord with the woody whisper of dry cedar. New Caledonian sandalwood lends it a warm and sensual trail.”
  • Top Notes: Citrus, Dry Cedar

Another crowd-pleaser, Bleu de Chanel is a sophisticated blend that will leave you subtly smelling your best.

7. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

bottle of fragrance shaped like a man's torso with blue-green liquid and a silver cap
  • Fragrance description: “Le Male leaves a powerful and irresistible fern and amber fragrance trail wherever he goes. With this cologne on board, seduction and virility soon follow.”
  • Notes: Mint, Lavender, Vanilla

This iconic bottle has been around so long because the scent inside it is just that good. Sweet and sexy, it will definitely get you noticed, whether you’re barrel-chested in sailor stripes or not.

8. Jo Malone Poppy & Barley

clear bottle of fragrance with a cream-colored label and silver cap
  • Fragrance description: “A lively floral scent, enhanced by rose and violet and topped with juicy blackcurrants. Borrowed from the succulent cereal fields, where grains and flowers mingle, our poppies are cocooned by bran and cotton-soft barley. This inviting scent is a living landscape: where colourful poppies emblazon the rich gold harvest.”
  • Notes: Blackcurrant, Poppy, Barley (duh)

Like an English summer meadow captured in a bottle. With just a touch of creamy vanilla, this fragrance feels both fresh and comforting. Perfect for a picnic in the park or a summer brunch.

Everyday Scents

Dependable colognes to wear on a regular basis, no special occasion required

9. Dior Homme Sport

rectangular bottle of fragrance with a black vertical stripe leading up to a silver cap with a black logo
  • Fragrance description: “Both fresh and sensual, this magnetic cologne is a blend of energizing citrus and enveloping woods and spices. A knockout combination of Calabrian bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, frankincense, amber, and warm woods.”
  • Notes: Bergamot, Elemi, Frankincense

A fresh and sporty scent perfect for the active guy. Keep it in your gym bag for an invigorating spritz after your morning workout.

10. Acqua Di Gio

rectangular bottle of opaque fragrance with a silver and black cap
  • Fragrance description: “Inside its eco-conscious, refillable bottle, the fragrance captures a powerful marine freshness, where innovative marine notes blend with natural green mandarin, aromatic essences and a woody mineral drydown.
  • Notes: Marine, Bergamot, Cedarwood

This aquatic fragrance is a classic for a reason. It’s giving “I just got off a boat” summer vibes, with marine notes like neroli and green tangerine.

11. Maison Margiela Sailing Day

round bottle of fragrance with blue liquid inside, a white label with black lettering, and a silver nozzle
  • Fragrance description: “A fresh fragrance that recalls the memory of soft rolling waves and the spirit of the sea.”
  • Notes: Aquatic Accord, Coriander, Red Seaweed Essence

Another strong contender for your next favorite fresh-smelling scent. What I like best about Sailing Day on a man is how light it lingers — you’ll know it’s there, but the scent is never overpowering.

Best bang for your buck

Even large sizes of these bottles ring up under $100, making them the best scents for guys looking to level up their scent game on a budget

12. Phlur Solar Power

a clear round fragrance bottle with orange liquid and a round white cap
  • Fragrance description: “A golden floral musk composition that exudes the sensuality of salty, sun-kissed skin.”
  • Notes: Bergamot, Red Mandarin

I’d like to think every guy who wears this warm, summery scent is golden, glowing and glistening from a day in the sun.

Phlur is also a certified B-corp, if you’re into that kind of thing — that “thing” being, supporting companies that are publicly committed to meeting tough standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

13. Dedcool Ivy Blanc, $130

a bottle of yellow fragrance in a clear bottle with a bronze-colored cap
  • Fragrance description: “Fruity, sweet, and floral. A grove on a cloudless morning, greeted by a citrus bouquet—orange blossoms bearing fruit. Sips of white florals basking in solar notes. Ylang-ylang and intense benzoin resin wear well after the sun sets.”
  • Notes: Orange Blossom, White Florals, Salty Vanilla

If sustainability is a box you’re looking to check in your grooming game, check out LA-based cool kid fragrance brand Dedcool. Driven by the belief that “clean beauty can be cool beauty,” the company has worked to create complex, sophisticated scent profiles for conscious consumers.

If you’re not afraid of sporting a floral scent, this would be perfect for a casual summer day date.

Splurge scents

Ready to ball out with your bottle of cologne? These fragrances are our favorite splurge-worthy scents

14. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

green bottle of fragrance with a cold label and black lettering
  • Fragrance description: “Neroli Portofino conjures cool breezes, sparkling water, and lush foliage through crisp citrus oils, floral notes, and amber undertones. Splashy yet substantive, this perfume is a vibrant reinvention of a classic eau de cologne. It‘s TOM FORD‘s homage to the Italian Riviera.”
  • Notes: Tunisian Neroli, Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon

There’s not much to say about this Tom Ford fragrance except that it’s sexy af on a man. On a woman, too, for that matter.

The summer scent is quickly approaching icon status, capturing the essence of the Italian Riviera with a bright blend of citrus – think tangerine and lemon – balanced by floral neroli and a touch of amber.

15. Bond No. 9 Greenwich Village

green bottle of fragrance shaped like a star with gold lettering and accents
  • Fragrance description: “Capturing one of New York’s most beloved neighborhoods in a scent, Greenwich Village is a celebration of individuality and creativity, the rich heritage of the city’s artists and intelligentsia, and the community they created. The result is an oriental vanilla with a touch of light floralcy.”
  • Notes: Cassis, Lychee, Mandarin, Peony.

This smells so gorgeous, so fresh. Which is funny, because New York in the summer smells anything but. You’ll pick up on vibrant florals and deep vanilla for a scent you’ll want to wear all day and night, whether you’re in the city that never sleeps or not.

16. Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

tall rectangular bottle of fragrance with a blue-green tint, and gold accents at the neck
  • Fragrance description: “An impressionistic stroll through the island-gardens on the Nile at Aswan, the starting points for a new olfactory adventure. Green mango, lotus, calamus and sycamore wood all lie at the heart of this refreshing ode.”
  • Notes: Green mango. Lotus. Sycamore.

A little goes a long way with this light, floral scent. Layer it with your favorite winter fragrance for a more complex effect.

17. Creed Green Irish Tweed

black rectangular bottle of fragrance with a black top
  • Fragrance description: “A classic, as the old adage tells us, never goes out of style. Like a perfectly tailored suit, Green Irish Tweed has been and continues to be worn by confident men at the peak of their field. The fragrance elegantly combines woody freshness and pure masculinity, equally suited to a stroll through the Irish countryside and a strut down the red carpet.”
  • Notes: Lemon, Verbena. Peppermint.

First introduced in 1985, spritzing on this timeless classic is like trying on the suit you’re wearing for your wedding and it fitting right off the rack. It just feels…perfect. The woody, fresh scent smells masculine and oh so handsome.

Do it for the ‘gram

These summer scent look great on a dresser or nightstand if you’re looking for some grooming game clout.

18. Byredo Bal D’Afrique

round bottle of fragrance with a white label and round black cap
  • Fragrance description: “Celebrating the reach and influence of Africa through time, particularly the way its myriad of cultures have shaped dance, art and music, Bal d’Afrique is a mix of Parisian avantgardism and African culture shaped a unique and vibrant expression. The intense life and excess euphoria is illustrated by the fragrance’s neroli, African marigold and Moroccan cedarwood.”
  • Notes: Bergamot. African marigold. Bucchu.

I love a fragrance with a big story behind it, and Byredo founder and perfumer Ben Gorham came up with a doozy on this one. It could be worn every day or saved as a special occasion scent.

19. Diptyque Eau de Minthe (Mint) Eau de Parfum

oval bottle of fragrance with black label and black cap
  • Fragrance description: “An eau de parfum inspired by a Greek myth that reinvents an emblematic perfumery accord, fougère, drawing on the scent of mint.”
  • Notes: Peppermint. Geranium. Patchouli.

This scent is light, but don’t worry — it’s got staying power. And if you love the fragrance but not the price tag? Snag the body wash for a gateway scent experience.

20. Le Labo Rose 31

best men's summer fragrances
  • Fragrance description: “The perfume’s aim is clear: to transform the famous Grasse rose, a symbol of voluptuousness and unqualified femininity, into an assertively virile fragrance that can be worn by anyone.”
  • Notes: Rose. Cumin.

Why are guys so afraid of floral scents? Pretty much every men’s fragrance contains floral notes; they just don’t put them in the name. Le Labo’s (yes, unisex) Rose 31 isn’t afraid to flout tradition, and you shouldn’t be either. A rose by any other name, right guys?

Bottom line? All fragrances are unisex if you believe they are. So if you find something you like in the women’s aisle, who cares! Trust me, you can wear it and you will smell very handsome and masculine, you manly man you!


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