What to Expect From A Telehealth Hair Loss Visit

What to Expect From A Telehealth Hair Loss Visit

The step-by-step of an online consultation
hair loss telehealth visit

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 1 2024 | 7 min read

What to expect from a telehealth hair loss visit. Presented in partnership with hims.

Ready to take the leap and start a hair loss treatment?


Getting the medication you need is pretty simple, thanks to online consultations like our friends at hims offers.

We thought we’d walk through the process ourselves so we could walk you through the process. Think of it as checking out a menu before visiting a restaurant, or driving to an office building before a job interview. This is hair growth reconnaissance.

Below, the steps of a telehealth hair loss visit:

telehealth hair loss visit

When you first visit hims, you’ll see a place in the upper portion of the website to find your treatment. While hims offers various personalized and doctor-backed treatment plans, right now we’re focusing on the hair loss questionnaire

telehealth hair loss visit

Upon starting the hair loss questionnaire, you’ll be prompted to select what your current hair looks like and (most importantly) what you want your hair to look like in the future.

telehealth hair loss visit

After that, you’ll have the option to pick whether you want an FDA-approved prescription or not. 

As the survey states, you’re not locked into a decision here, but rather, it’s a way for hims to be able to properly recommend a product once you’re done answering their questions.

hims hair loss consult

Here’s where we get to the juicy stuff. 

You’ll provide answers to a variety of different health-related questions in order to receive the best treatment for your individual needs.

You’ll be asked to provide information like . . .

Online Hair Loss Consultation
Online Hair Loss Consultation

Your sex and your gender…

online hair loss consultation experience

Where exactly you’re seeing hair loss.

free online hair loss consultation

If you’re having any issues in the bedroom (and we’re not talking about picking out a new duvet cover). 

online telehealth visit

Whether or not you have any medical or mental health issues.

online medical consultation

How your overall health has been over the last two weeks.

hims online consult

If you’re currently taking any medications, herbal treatments, or nutritional supplements.

What to Expect From A Telehealth Hair Loss Visit

If your scalp is burning, in pain, rough, dry, or has pustules.

Gross, sure, but important to know for providing a treatment plan!

What to Expect From A Telehealth Hair Loss Visit

Whether or not you’ve used a topical hair loss product before.

What to Expect From A Telehealth Hair Loss Visit
What to Expect From A Telehealth Hair Loss Visit

Your hospitalization and surgery history as well as any allergies or medication reactions. 

What to Expect From A Telehealth Hair Loss Visit

Finally, you’ll select if you’d like to go with what hims recommends, what’s popular, or whether or not you need some specific guidance. 

Telehealth Hair Loss Visit - uploading a photo
Telehealth Visit - uploading a photo

We’re in the home stretch now! 

After answering all these questions, you’ll need to upload photos of both the front and back of your head. 

You can upload a photo or use a built-in webcam to take one (assuming you’re photo-ready).

The one at the back of your head offers the same photography options, but it’s probably easier to have someone take a photo for you.

FYI – these photos are never posted anywhere and will remain strictly for medical review purposes.

telehealth hair loss consultation
online hair loss treatment screenshot

After a bit of information on what you can anticipate from the treatment process, you’ll be provided with your results. 

It really is that easy.

And at no point will you need to speak with anyone, nor will you need to ensure you’re online at a specific time of day to take the questionnaire. It’s available to you at any point in time—it’s just a matter of when you feel comfortable taking this step. 

And of course, know you’ve got Team SG cheering you on in the process!

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