5 Days, 5 Ways: The Textured Tie

the automatically autumnal accessory

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Feb 15 2019

When the first cool breeze of fall rolls in, my immediate reaction is and always will be…FLANNEL! What else conjures all the deliciousness of crunchy leaves, crisp apples, woodland bonfires and general autumnal feels? Unfortunately, it’s still too hot to wear a real flannel all day without sweating to death, but you can still finagle those fall feels into your daily wear with the right accessories.

Get the perfect textured tie: Oliver Spencer, $110

A textured tie is a great way to ease into thicker fabrics when you’re ready for winter, but the weather isn’t on your level. We love a flannel when you want to go full business-lumberjack come November, but this nubby wool tie is a great first step into fall.

Below, how to wear a textured tie five different ways:


Wear it Well: Pull everything together with a consistent use of color – in this case, blue. Oh, and that grey suit? It’s super-versatile; here’s more ways to wear the one (hopefully?!) hanging in your closet.


Wear it Well: Wearing darker colors on lighter fabrics is another great way dress for autumnal anticipation. As always, we love a denim jacket as the cool weather starts to hit.


Wear it Well: A sunny yellow sweater feels relatively tame with dark jeans and an otherwise monochrome look.


Wear it Well: Boots and a blazer strike the perfect balance between “rugged” and “gentleman.” You’ll be surprised at how many outfits you can wear lace-up boots like the above with. Here, we’ll show you.


Wear it Well: Keep the look playful with a bright, contrasting lapel flower. Oh, and that white dress shirt? It’s a wardrobe essential. You have one in your closet, right?!

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