Men's Summer Style 2020: 5 Upgrades to Make Right Now

Nail your warm weather wardrobe

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jul 22 2020

When summer weather is at its stickiest, it can feel easy to choose function over fashion. A work-from-home wardrobe that hinges on whatever won’t get soaked through by lunchtime. Weekends filled with flip flops and ancient swim trunks.

If that sounds like you, you may be stuck in a summer style rut.

The good news? Every guy can nail a summer style upgrade with just a few swaps.

Below, 5 easy summer style 2020 upgrades for guys:

Style Upgrade #1 Try a matching set

via Kyle Kuzma / Instagram

SG Says: Check out the advanced style moves from The Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma – two men’s 2020 trends in one outfit!

Our team is currently v v obsessed with both tie-dye AND matching sets for guys. Kuzma seems to have been taking notes.

When getting dressed up in the summer, I totally understand the pull to throw on shorts and a t-shirt and call it a day. Especially now when you’re staying home more often. It can feel like, “What’s the point in getting dressed?”

So why not lean into that with a matching set (sometimes called a “cabana set”) in a luxe and comfy material? You’ll get a big style payoff with low lift effort.

You’ll literally look and feel cool, like the stylish Mr. Kuzma above.

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Style Upgrade #2 Tie on a Bandana

via Trendspotter

SG Says: There’s no faster…or cheaper…or easier way to achieve a summer style upgrade than by throwing on a bandana.

On the weekends, it’s easy to get a little lazy and think there’s no way to make a t-shirt and shorts outfit look stylish.

But if you want to make the whole thing feel intentional and cool, just add a bandana!

Whether you wear it like a headband, or tied jauntily around your neck, it’ll elevate your whole summer style game.

Check out this article for a step-by-step on pulling off the look above.

// Shop bandanas //

Style Upgrade #3 Shorten Your Shorts

J.Crew 6″ shorts, $65

SG Says: Okay okay, I realize this suggestion is going to make some of you a little uncomfortable, but SG HQ is all about nudging you out of your style comfort zone!

Because there’s just something oh-so-2020 about a pair of shorts that end well above a guy’s kneecaps.

That’s why it’s time to embrace the shorter short. We’re talking 7″ and 6″ inseams. Even 5″! That might sound crazy, but we swear you can pull it off!

Not only is a shorter short on trend, it’s also more flattering, and (duh) especially great for warm weather, since you’re getting extra ventilation.

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Style Upgrade #4 Switch up your shoe game

SG Says: It’s time to rethink your summer footwear.

Even a pool slide, like Adidas’ Adilette sandal above, offers more style sophistication than your favorite pair of flip flops.

There’s so many options to choose from in the summer; don’t let yourself fall back on ugly foootwear.

Try espadrilles. Or boat shoes, which are having a total renaissance right now, with the preppy shoe being re-imagined in suede and more.

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Style Upgrade #5 Wear a mask!

Spike Lee via

SG Says: Yes! Wearing a mask shows you care about those around you, as well as yourself.

Bottom line? Don’t look like an a-hole this summer; wear a face mask whenever you leave the house.

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