5 Tips to Dress Up your Summer Wardrobe

Wind down summer right

With Labor Day looming, it’s time to get all the wear you can out of all your summer wardrobe.

I know, I know. It’s easy to choose function over form when it comes to summer’s sticky weather. Does your work wear consist of the same khaki-colored trouser and light blue button-up every other guy sports in the warm weather months to stay cool? Are your weekends filled with flip flops and ancient swim trunks? If so, you may be stuck in a summer style rut. However, there’s always a chance to update – and upgrade – your look.

Below, five easy ways to turn up the heat on a summer style upgrade:

1. Put a Collar On It

Especially on the weekends, it’s easy to reach for a t-shirt to top off a summer outfit. Comfortable? Sure. But stylish? Not really. If you want to dress up your look, you can do so in a collared shirt. Paired with shorts or pants, a collared shirt can feel just as comfortable as a t-shirt, but looks much more put together. Try a polo shirt, or a long-sleeve button-down with the sleeves rolled up past your elbows.

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2. Just Cuff It

A favorite look around SG HQ for guys this summer is a cuffed pant. Take a pair of slim-cut pants (chinos or dark jeans work well), and roll them at the ankle. Here’s a tutorial if you need it! This trendy look is especially great for warm weather, since your ankles get instant ventilation.

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3. Fancify Your Footwear

Of course, if you’re cuffing your pants, it means you’ve got to step up your shoe game. With your ankles exposed, it’s time to show off a nice pair of brogues, loafers, or even spectators. Don’t get me wrong: I love a crisp white sneaker, but if you’re looking to upgrade your summer style game, trading up your shoes is an easy place to start.

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4. Mix It Up

Wearing patterns and textures that play well together (rather than put up their dukes) is the perfect way to say, “I am a snappy summer dresser.” If you’re nervous, start small. A pin-stripe shirt with a madras tie. Seersucker shorts with a linen top. You get the idea. Before long, you’ll be a summer wardrobe mix master.

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5. Go Monochrome


Of course, paring down the contrast in your summer outfits can look stylish too. Try wearing all one color, or one color in varying shades, like Justin Theroux’s all-black look above. Though you may want to wait until after the sun goes down, or you’ll be burning up.

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