Coachella Style for Guys: What to Wear to the Musical Festival

Coachella Style for Guys: What to Wear to the Musical Festival

Your weekend wardrobe line-up
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 5 2024 | 4 min read

The good news? When it comes to music festival style, figuring out what to wear to Coachella is way less complicated for men than it is for us women.

Trends come and go as fast as opening acts and heaven forbid that you make the trek to Indio sporting unicorn makeup and a choker when you’re supposed to be in cowboy boots and fringe!

For guys, though, music festival style stays pretty consistent from one event to the next. So, bookmark these outfit ideas for whatever’s on your event calendar this summer.

Men get to look good and feel good in outfits that are as functional as they are fashionable.

Because when you’re schlepping to the desert (literally) to cover a lot of ground (also literally) walking from stage to stage, practicality is key.

Once you’ve filled your suitcase with survival basics like a portable phone charger and sunscreen, reach for lightweight layers that will take you from sunbaked days to cooler nights without skipping a beat.

Below, three days of Coachella music festival style for guys:

Day 1: Stripes

coachella festival style for guys
image: @laymedownliam

SG Says: This preppy-meets-hipster vibe that’s so cool right now will fit right in at Coachella.

Grab your favorite nostalgic-y sneakers and pair them with all the stripes you can find. From a breezy Oxford or linen shirt to boxer-type shorts, you’ll fit right in in Indio.

alexxwalther music festival style
image: @alexxwalther
ethantglenn instagram
image: @ethantglenn

Day 2: Monochrome

215shooter festival style
image: @215shooter

SG Says: Nervous about veering into trendy territory? Keep things simple by wearing one color head to toe.

Day 3: Pop of Color

billyarundell festival style
image: @billyarundell

SG Says: There’s nothing more fun than a music festival outfit that feels inspired by your favorite Ninja Turtle.

Go with purple, or any color that makes you think, “I hope this day is as awesome as my outfit.”



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