The Guy’s Grooming Guide for Your 50s and Beyond

The Guy’s Grooming Guide for Your 50s and Beyond

Good looks don't retire
men's grooming guide for your 50s

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Aug 25 2023 | 7 min read

Want to keep your hair and skin in great shape at every age? Of course you do! Check out this grooming guide for your 30s, and our other guides for your twenties, thirties, and forties.


At this stage, haven’t you earned the right to pull on your sweatpants, buy some oversized readers, and call it a day with your appearance? Sure you have.

But! If you want to make the most of your golden years, then the goal with your grooming is to aim for aging like George Clooney, not Marlon Brando.

guys grooming guide for your 50s and beyond

If you’re invested in looking and feeling your best as you move into your mature years, then here’s a guide for taking care of your skin and hair in your 50s and beyond.

Below, the guys’ grooming guide for your 50s:

1. Learn to Handle Hairy Situations

Philips Norelco face body trimmer

Philips Norelco Electric Trimmer, $38

No one knows exactly why older guys have so much hair on their brows, ears and nostrils (the best guess? hormones), but we all know it’s not a super-welcome addition to your face.

Here’s your two-prong approach to keeping everything in check:

First up? Your eyebrows. Clean up the hairs between your eyes first. Go ahead and invest in a solid pair of tweezers.

A good rule of thumb? The distance between brows should match the distance between the insides of your nostrils. If stray hairs are extending past the natural line of your brows, push them down and pluck them out, or use an electric trimmer with care.

An even lower lift? Ask your for a quick trim the next time you get your hair cut. Most barbers and hair stylists will give your eyebrows a onceover at no extra charge.

Next up..nostrils and ears.

For these areas, invest in a good old-fashioned pair of barber scissors.

Plucking nostril hair can result in a very painful infection if a hair is ingrown. Plus. you need hair up there to filter the gunk you breathe in!

As for your ears, well, it’s just never a good idea to stick tweezers in your ears without being able to see exactly what you’re doing.

Instead, trim your nose and ear hair with your scissors. Hold them horizontally and just clip whatever’s sticking out.

For your nose hairs, if you want to do a few snips holding the shears vertically and going slightly into the nostril, go for it. Just be careful, and pull the scissors away if you think you’re going to sneeze.

2. Embrace your inner Silver Fox

American Crew Classic Gray Shampoo, $19

When it comes to a guys’ grooming guide for your 50s and beyond, we would be remiss not to talk about the hair on your head.

Guys who still have their hair at this age are likely graying, headed toward white. It’s generally better to avoid the shoe-polish dye-job (though, pro tip: Just For Men has some great products for maintaining a solid salt-and-pepper look).

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As your hair lightens up, you might notice it’s actually turning yellow, too. No, you’re not a late-in-life blonde. The yellow color comes from environmental factors (pollution, water quality, cigarette smoke), and it’s easy to combat. Pick up a silvering” shampoo like the American Crew product above to ensure a radiant Gandalf mane, not a dishwater yellow Richard Branson shag.

That said, there’s no shame in picking up the clippers and buzzing it all off if you’re starting to go bald.

It’ll save you hours of fussing with the hair you have left, and you can be proud to join the ranks of buzzed greats like Jason Statham and Kelly Slater.

Plus, you’ll never have to pay for a haircut again. Bonus!

3. Have Some (Light) Work Done

In an age where celebrities like Joe Jonas not just cop to aesthetic treatments but actually get a check for it, the stigma on men hitting up a dermspa is practically zero.

But if you need some assurance, we’re happy to offer it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with considering a non-invasive procedure if it gives you some more confidence (and you’re okay with needles).

Plus, none of the changes are permanent, so the risks are relatively low.

Botox is the most common treatment, and you probably already know the drill here. A small amount is injected into deep folds (usually between the eyes, at frown lines, and around crow’s feet) and works to temporarily freeze the muscle and give a less furrowed appearance.

Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane help literally fill deeper crevices (the lines from the nose to the lips, or underneath eyes) for a younger look.

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All three of these treatments last around eight months, so budget for the upkeep involved if you like the result.

4. Pop Some Pills

care of fish oil supplement

Care/Of fish oil supplement

Most conversations about grooming focus on surface-level fixes, but you can make some changes that are more than skin deep. In addition to eating well, hydrating, and drinking plenty of water, there are supplements on the market that will also help you look and feel your best.

Viviscal and Biotin are two popular options if you’re looking to strengthen your hair and nails, while brands like Perricone MD boast two-a-day packs designed to enhance not just your skin, but joints, bones, and help fight heart disease and inflammation.

You could also add collagen powder to your daily supplement routine.

Just like starting an exercise routine, you’ll want to check these out with your doctor first, but supplements are an easy way to proactively address some hair and skincare changes you might be noticing as you age, with minimal effort.

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