3 Ways to Wear a Patterned Sport Coat

3 Ways to Wear a Patterned Sport Coat

Don't be afraid to make a bold statement
peter millar sport coat

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 2 2017 | 2 min read

The patterned sport coat is not the first suiting item to take up residence in a guy’s closet. That’s a grey or navy suit. It’s not even the second—that’s whichever colored suit you didn’t get the first time. But it can happily be a solid third. Sure you could go with a solid-colored style, but honestly, this feels like the time to live a little, don’t you think?

Check out three ways to wear a patterned sport coat – in three very different looks – for some outfit inspiration:

patterned sport coat


The sport coat: Peter Millar, $495

The rest: Button-front shirt: Life After Denim, $97 | Crew: Club Monaco,$140 | Chinos: Carhartt WIP, $128 | Sneakers: Mike Low Saturdays NYC, $195 Sunglasses: Ray Bans, $188 | Socks: Richer Poorer $12

Styling tips

This look is an autumn classic. The Peter Millar sport coat will earn you best dressed in the office and make a statement on the streets.

ways to wear a patterned sport coat 2


The sport coat: Ralph Lauren, $995

The rest: Scarf: Saturdays NYC, $98 | Sunglasses: Raen, $200 | Sweater: Brooks Brothers, $598 | Belt: Filson, $85 | Pants: AG Jeans$178 | Boots: Red Wing, $350

Styling tips

This look makes sense for a day in the office or a day in the city. The belt and boots go together like peanut butter and jelly for a timeless, all-American look.

ways to wear a patterned sport coat 3

The sport coat: BOSS, $695

The rest: Cap: Brixton, $42 | Bracelet: Miansai, $500 | Crew: Banana Republic, $80 | Trousers: Gap, $70 | Shoes: Saturdays NYC, $325 | Backpack:Fjallraven,$140

Styling tips

Perfect for a brisk fall day in the city and any guy with an urban commute. Does it need the fisherman’s cap to make the whole thing work? No. Are we weirdly into it and hope you decide to wear it all jaunty-like anyway? You bet.  



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