The Guys’ Guide to Wearing the Right Socks

The Guys’ Guide to Wearing the Right Socks

The right combos for your feet
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By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jan 22 2019 | 3 min read

This may seem nit-picky, but wearing the right socks is like, totally important. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been horrifically turned off by a guy JUST BECAUSE OF HIS SOCKS.

wearing the right socks

The first instance that I can remember happened in 3rd grade. To get to know our classmates, we all took off one shoe and put it in a pile in the middle of the room. We then had to take a shoe, find the owner, talk to them, learn about them, and then present our findings to the class.

We gathered back together in a circle, sitting pretzel-style, since that’s how you do things when you haven’t yet reached double digits. I remember looking around and one boy was wearing white tube socks, and they just didn’t fit right. There was probably an inch of extra sock hanging past where I could see his toes were, and it was just SO BEYOND IRKSOME that I literally thought about it every single time I talked to him, which probably made him think that that surprised/crinkled-nose face I made was my natural facial expression.

And that was in third grade.

SO, to keep you guys (and maybe your friends who aren’t as style savvy) steered clear from the fate of my poor classmate above, I’ve put together a few basic sock and shoe combos below. Never again can you say you didn’t know you shouldn’t wear white tube socks with boat shoes, again. Ever.

Below, 4 pairings for wearing the right socks with the right shoes:



Socks: Bombas, $46 for 4 pairs
Shoes: Vans, $60

SG Says: This look is like, totally Cali-cool. Let the look stay true to its roots, and keep the rest of your look SoCal-skater-inspired for consistency. Because I’ve seen this shoe-sock combo with mint chino short-shorts and a v-neck sweater tied around the shoulders, and I’m telling you…I could feel the wearer’s internal disconnect.

Pull the socks ALL THE WAY UP and remind me why I had a crush on that quiet, new student from the West Coast who leaned against his locker and was always late to class. Middle school crushes *sigh*


dressSocks: The Tie Bar, $8 (similar)
Shoes: Johnston&Murphy, $159

SG Says: Sure, you can wear plain black or brown dress socks with your dress shoes, but why would you?! Especially when you could just as easily add just a hint of visual interest with some fun patterned socks.

The argyle in this pair is a classic pattern that works for the office, but the punchy coral and mint tones will definitely catch my eye when you walk by me, or loiter conspicuously at the water cooler.


noSocks: Mack Weldon, $28 for 2 pairs
Shoes: Tretorn, $70

SG Says:¬†Guys, don’t do the visible ankle sock. Just…don’t. Find one that sits below the line of the of the sneaker, so it gives the illusion that you aren’t wearing any socks at all.

Ankles are cool, show them off! The ankle bone is really cool (it rotates!), so why not let it bask in the light of day? If you’re wearing long pants, feel free to wear fun high socks like these.



 Socks: Famous Footwear, $10 for 6 pairs
Shoes: Sperry, $79

SG Says: In an ideal world, you wouldn’t wear any socks with a boat shoe. I understand that sweaty-feet-stank is totally preventable with socks, but these shoes show a lot of foot and just don’t really look good with socks. Thankfully someone invented no-show socks, so now you can keep your feet cool and look the same.

Tell me:

What is the worst footwear faux pas you have seen? Ever guilty of your own? Be honest…


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