Style Roundup: 20 Fall Jackets for Guys (Updated!)

The #SGapproved light layer faves

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Sep 30 2020

If you live in a place where winter feels like winter, the countdown clock on outdoor socializing has already started ticking. It won’t be long before we’re all forced back inside for a long, cold, and lonely winter.

Sorry, was that a huge bummer? What I meant was, there’s no better time to shop for stylish fall jackets! Wear ’em while you can!

After all, fall jackets for guys are like catnip to us ladies.

We love a man in a thoughtfully layered look, and a stylish piece of outerwear is truly the piece de resistance of any outfit. Our team rounded up 20 of our favorite 2020 styles for you to browse. Happy shopping!

(editor’s note: This roundup was such a hit last year, we’ve updated all the picks for 2020. Enjoy!)

Below, the 20 best fall jackets for guys:

1. Scotch & Soda, $245

SG Says: We can’t get enough of cozy plaid jackets at SG HQ this autumn. How ’bout you? Our team also likes this Upwest style available at Express in blue and grey.

2. Gap, $128

SG Says: What, did you think we were done talking about all the variations on a classic jean jacket, like this shearling-lined trucker version from Gap?

Think again.

3. Abercrombie & Fitch, $400

SG Says: A real leather jacket under $500? You better believe it.

This biker style from Abercrombie & Fitch (which is cool again! believe it!) is a perfect middle-entry point for a have-it-forever leather jacket. Expensive enough that you know it’s legit. Not so $$$ that handing over your credit card will make your eyes water.

4. Todd Snyder, $1,798

SG Says: We have said this before, but a classy topcoat is a total game changer.

You can throw it over any outfit, like say, that hoodie and Chucks combo above, and it puts a shine on your whole vibe.

5. Neza Studio (Etsy), $69

SG Says: Like we weren’t going to include a Noragi jacket?!

6. Old Navy, $65

SG Says: A mac coat is great for fall’s unpredictable weather. Get a good one in a neutral color like navy, black, or khaki and you’ll have it forever.

This Old Navy style in stone rings up under $100 and looks nice and structured.

7. J.Crew, $188

SG Says: Chore coats are still cool in 2020; this corduroy version in a rich olive green makes for an interesting twist if you already have a canvas or twill version at home.

8. Target, $50

SG Says: This trucker jacket from Target’s surprisingly stylish Goodfellow & Co line looks great and our team loves the added touch of that sherpa collar.

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9. Baracuta, $390

SG Says: A topcoat or car coat looks SO good on guys; we honestly don’t know why more of you don’t wear them. It’s such a laissez-faire way to do upscale style. A total “rich guy going out for coffee on a Saturday morning” vibe.

This Topman style has a subtle plaid that adds visual interest without being overly busy. You’ll look and feel stylish and sophisticated, without feeling like you’re wearing a StAtEmEnT CoAt you can only bust out for special occasions.

10. Madewell, $148

SG Says: It’s always a good time to wear a field jacket.

By definition, a field coat keeps you protected from the “elements.” Given the right material, they can be worn with nearly anything, making it a super versatile jacket for your coat closet.

Perfect for a walk on a brisk October morning or for an outdoor lunch with friends, field coats are meant for comfort, while still keeping your style game on point.

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11. Everlane, $98

SG Says: How do we love a black denim jacket for fall 2020? Let us count the ways.

Actually, make it five.

Five ways to wear a denim jacket this season, right this way.

12. Hill City, $148

SG Says: Our team is still totally bummed that Hill City is closing up shop in early 2021. While we grieve, though, you should definitely take advantage of the 30% off sitewide discount.

This cozy yet athletic fleece is a good place to start.

13. Bonobos, $168

SG Says: It’s never a bad idea to have a bomber on standby, especially one as sophisticated as this Bonobos style.

14. Faherty, $198

SG Says: When it comes to fall jackets for guys, a shacket (aka, shirt jacket) is still totally on trend.

So, what are you waiting for?!

15. Alpha Industries, $160

SG Says: Our team is still bummed that the new Top Gun movie got put on a shelf this summer. Because a guy in a flight jacket, like this one from Alpha Industries, is a very good look.

Oh well, there’s always 2021!

16. H&M, $129

SG Says: Don’t sleep on H&M’s surprisingly sturdy outerwear.

This wool-blend black topcoat will make any outfit look effortlessly more elegant.

17. Barbour, $415

SG Says: ‘Tis the season of inclement weather. On days when you don’t know what you’ll be facing, this have-it-forever Barbour fits the bill.

18. Urban Outfitters, $249

SG Says: Okay, yes, this fall jacket seems expensive for what’s essentially the baby of a fleece and a denim jacket.

But! The style itself is pretty timeless, and you’ll definitely be the only guy at the outdoor bar wearing it, and doesn’t that kind of stand-out specialness count for something?!

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19. Express, $139

SG Says: Still beating that sherpa collar drum!

20. Herschel Supply, $100

SG Says: Sometimes there’s going to be shitty weather. You can still go out!

A refined take on an outdoor staple, this hooded jacket from Herschel in a roomy cut protects you in downpours and drizzle alike, with a waterproof stretch shell and sealed seams.

Now that you’ve seen the best fall jackets for guys, get the rest of your wardrobe on point..

A nice coat can really pull together a look, so don’t let it be an afterthought. Instead, see your top layer as the perfect opportunity for you to further express your personal style.

Plus – duh – coats keep you warm!  Talk about a win-win.

Ready to shortcut your way to fall style? Talk to a member of Team SG about creating a shopping plan personalized to you.

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