Shopping Roundup: 20 Fall Sweaters for Guys (Updated!)

Layer, Layer, Layer

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 9 2019

This week I’ve been feeling weather whiplash. Something about window shopping for wool sweaters while wearing short shorts that makes a person feel a little crazy, I guess. But I know it’s time for all of us to grab our light jackets and start making room for added layers. So check out our picks for the best new fall sweaters for guys.

You’ll notice a lot of colors and lots of texture. So let solid-colored jackets anchor your outfit while having more fun with your layers underneath.

Check out the best fall sweater picks for guys, below:

1. Entireworld, $90

Wear it well: Love this new brand, and for under $100? Yes, please.

2. Everlane, $130

Wear it well: A throwback in the best way possible. The mustardy yellow is more wearable and versatile than you might think at first glance. Just treat it like a neutral and wear it with…pretty much everything.

3. Howlin’, $180

Wear it well: Look, sometimes you just have to treat yourself to the coziest-looking sweater you ever have seen and tell yourself you’re worth it.

4. Old Navy, $60

Wear it well: Can’t do much better than a breezy grey button-down mockneck over a white tee on a lazy Saturday.

5. Todd Snyder, $198

Wear it well: Made from soft alpaca blend wool, I’m willing to bed this lightweight yet surprisingly warm crewneck becomes a staple piece in your casual fall wardrobe.

Sourced from Italy, the yarn is lightly brushed for a soft feel. You’ll appreciate the easy, relaxed fit that’s key for layering over a basic tee or dress shirt.

6. Vince, $265

Wear it well: You know how I feel about a grey crewneck sweater, so let’s just leave it at that before it gets uncomfortable for all of us, shall we? Wear yours under a black bomber for extra levels of cool.

Simple, stylish, and you’re out the door.

7. J.Crew, $90

8. Banana Republic, $208

Wear it well: Okay, okay. This is cheating a bit, given that it’s a sweater that’s more of a hoodie. But it’s cashmere! Who could blame us?

9. Marine Layer, $125

Wear it well: Marine Layer’s take on a fisherman’s sweater. Love.

10. Polo Ralph Lauren, $40

Wear it well: For just a l’il bit of winter in your fall sweater arsenal.

11. Naadam, $195

Wear it well: Showing this sweater on both models because Naadam’s luxe cashmere sweater is unisex. Win-win!

12. J.Crew, $98

Wear it well: Oooh, wouldn’t this look so good paired with an OCBD under a jean jacket? Mm hmm, I thought so…

13. Norse Projects, $335

Wear it well: One more time, for the cheap seats in the back…orange and yellow are VERY in this season. Indulge your inner pumpkin spice latte-loving heart.

14. Uniqlo, $100

Wear it well: If Drake has taught us anything, it’s that if you’re going to wear a turtleneck, you might as well commit.

15. AG Jeans, $188

16. Abercrombie & Fitch, $68

Wear it well: With just the hint of a rollneck, this sweater has throwback J.Crew-circa-Dawson’s Creek vibes, and I like it.

17. Peter Manning, $108

Wear it Well: Designed to address the common pain points of the ‘not-so-tall’ guy, this merino wool sweater from our pals at Peter Manning is perfectly fitted for a shorter stature, and perfect for layering up as the temperature drops.

18. Faherty, $248

19. Ami, $350

Wear it well: Don’t sleep on a l’il logo action. This Ami sweater won’t be confused with anything you could find at the mall (not that we’re against mall stores, but y’know, nobody needs to see another moose or seagull above your heart now that you’re an adult).

20. Gap, $28


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