Things I Think You Should Buy: No-Show Socks

Things I Think You Should Buy: No-Show Socks

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

MS&Co, $20 for 3 pairs

Summer may be waning, but we’ve still got a few good weeks left in us. Heck, if you live on the perennially warm west coast, you’re currently thinking, “Oh that season that comes after summer is almost here…what’s it called again?”

As such, I find it totally worthwhile to discuss the glory that is no-show socks. It’s also definitely not an “Oops, I started this post back in June and only now just found the draft tucked in a folder in a folder in a folder on my desktop.” Nope, totally not talking about no-show socks at the tail end of August for that silly, forgetful reason.


If you know me at all – and I hope that by now you do – you know that I suffer neither fools, nor discomfort, gladly. As such, I will not sacrifice feeling comfortable for fashion (and I won’t be friends with idiots).

That mantra asserts itself in my own wardrobe in everything from the shoes I wear (love my heels, but they’ve gotta be wedges, not stilettos), to the types of materials I buy, choosing natural fiber clothing over synthetics whenever possible (less itchy! Less smelly!).

Similarly, while I’m a huge advocate of the no-sock look, I’m not in favor the no-sock feel. Or the no-sock smell.

That’s why no-show socks are pretty much the greatest thing ever. Sure, they’re perfect, in the summer to go with every kind of sneaker you own. But have you thought about them for fall? As autumn rolls around, pair yours with Chucks and rolled jeans to maintain that summer feel well through October. If you’re particularly forward-thinking in your business style, try them with a slim suit and your double monk straps flashing.

Not only does the no-sock look look good, it’s a good way to give the cold weather the middle finger. “My fully clothed body may be in fall, but my ankles are at the beach!”

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