Real Guy Style: Casual Fashion for Big Guys

Real Guy Style: Casual Fashion for Big Guys

A week of trendy clothes for big guys
chukwukere ekeh model

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 7 2023 | 4 min read

Chukwukere Ekeh has a life that sounds like the male lead character description in a 2023 rom-com.

Based in New York City, Ekeh works full-time at crypto startup Coinbase crafting “vertical partnerships. And on the side? He moonlights as a model for Wilhelmina Models, where he helps bring size diversity (and a big smile) to the agency’s fashion roster.

At the above-average stature at 6ā€™9 and 250 pounds, Ekeh has helped push representation forward for men’s big and tall shoppers like himself.

While retailers are still playing catch-up on trendy, casual fashion for big guys, it’s helpful to look to figures like Ekeh for inspiration on stylish outfits for larger men.

So we asked the marketer-turned-model to capture a week in his wardrobe:

real guys real style

Below, check out stylish, nice outfits for big guys:

Chukwukere Ekeh, business casual for husky men

About my style:

I would describe my fashion motto in two parts: timeless and classic, and quality over quantity.

The goal is to be able to see a photo in twenty years and be able to nod in confidence at the style.

And Iā€™d rather have a few really good pieces than a lot of really average ones.

Why I Wore this outfit:

I had a quick in-person meeting with a partner, then did a casting call during lunch.

The cashmere sweater and chinos from Banana Republic. They make an excellent variety of fits, so I end up shopping them a lot.

The boots are Thursday Boots. I love supporting a brand with a distinct mission and quality offering.

Shop the outfit:

Chukwukere Ekeh big guy casual style

Why I Wore It:

First up, a morning fitting for an upcoming shoot. 

Then WFH the rest of the day.

Shop the outfit:

trendy plus size mens clothing

Why I Wore It:

Went into the office to connect with some co-workers on a new project and used the time to grab some catch-up coffees with colleagues nearby.

Shop the outfit:

trendy clothes for tall guys

Why I Wore It:

A lot of in-office time today. We’re planning for a mini-offsite. 

At this size, custom dress shirts are a must. I use BlankLabel.

The sweater is Bric, a new big & tall menswear startup.

The pants are Lululemon’s ABC Classic Fit Pants, which are spendy but one of the most comfortable and versatile pairs of pants I own. The sneakers I picked up in Italy.

Shop the outfit:

business casual for large men

Why I Wore It:

I had one last casting for the week, this one in midtown.

Shop the outfit:


Shop trendy plus size mens clothing brands and retailers:

  • KingSize: men’s clothing and shoes, all in extended sizes and widths
  • DXL: brands carried include Brooks Brothers, Lacoste and Michael Kors
  • ASOS: great selection of trendy casual fashion for big guys
  • Bonobos: The retailer stocks shirts up to 4XL, and pants with waist sizes up to 54ā€³ and lengths up to 36″
  • Johnny Bigg: stylish business casual for large men, as well as trendy offerings for bigger guys


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