Undressed Podcast Episode 12: Alex Williams of The New York Times
The style reporter on new media and old clothes
alex williams, new york times, podcast, undressed, a cup of jo

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 19 2017

alex williams, new york times, podcast, undressed, a cup of jo

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Last week Brittany and I trekked (in matching outfits, no less) up to the New York Times building here in NYC, where I interviewed the paper’s style reporter Alex Williams for the latest episode of Undressed. I think you guys are going to really love it, so have a listen here.

Williams and I first connected when he was writing a story on the return of puffer vests and was looking for a quote to either add a stamp of approval to the trend or dissuade readers from trying it.

Obviously I came down firmly on the pro-puffer side, and my first appearance in the pages of the Grey Lady came with an ode to the enduring coolness of Marty McFly. If you’re wondering: yes, my parents were very proud that their daughter was in the Times talking about the fashion from Back to the Future. Just as they’d always dreamed, I’m sure.

Your wife or girlfriend might also know Williams as the guy lucky enough to marry Joanna Goddard, the writer behind the uber-successful blog A Cup of Jo. The daily lifestyle site covers everything from fashion to culture to parenthood, with Goddard documenting the pair’s life with their two (very cute) little boys in Brooklyn for an enormously loyal fan base.

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Listen to the podcast, then tell me:

When did you feel like you’d “figured out” your style?

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