Undressed Podcast Episode 005: Nick Gray of Museum Hack

Undressed Podcast Episode 005: Nick Gray of Museum Hack

On making museums great again

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 19 2017 | 1 min read

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Nick Gray loves museums. Loves ’em. What he didn’t love were the typical museum tours which he found boring, long-winded, and crowded. So he founded Museum Hack, a company of private tour guides offering unconventional museum tours.

Nick has lived in New York City for the past seven years but these days is always on the road (trust me: you should see our email chain about scheduling this interview), bringing the gospel that, yes, you can get young people into museums; you just have to make the experience more fun.

Listen to our conversation and I dare you not to catch some of Nick’s contagious enthusiasm – for museums, for the power of a good blazer, and for trampolines (I’ll let him explain that last one).

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