{VIDEO} What Women Think About Hair Loss

{VIDEO} What Women Think About Hair Loss

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what women think about hair loss

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 26 2022 | 2 min read

This week, I talked with my brother about how he’s using Rogaine to curtail a thinning hair situation. He’s not alone; up to 40% of men in their thirties experience hereditary hair loss, and by age 50, half of all men experience it. But not all men are doing something about it like he is.

Team SG got together to discuss the finer points of men’s grooming, and why us ladies wish more guys knew that it’s completely, totally definitely okay to take steps to address issues with your appearance you’re not happy about or that make you feel self-conscious.

Watch, then share your own experience in the comments below…

Press play to find out what women think about hair loss:

4 tips to Confident grooming

1.Effort is everything

Women appreciate when a man puts effort into his appearance — whether that’s a fresh shave before a date, or simply brushing his teeth before he gets into bed. Us ladies spend plenty of time and money on our hair, skin, makeup, and more; returning the favor feels more than fair!

2. It’s okay to care about how you look

Ultimately, women are attracted to a man with confidence, so whatever you need to do to get yourself in a state of confidence — from working out to spending money on a stellar haircut — should feel totally valid. Does it mean you have to tell us all about your adventures in back waxing? No, but will we appreciate the smooth surface? You bet.

3. Consider your “Future You”

If you’re on the fence about a grooming procedure or regimen, think about your “Future You” and what they’d want. Would the you ten years from now, twenty years from now wish you’d invested in yourself and taken the time to be healthy / care about your appearance / etc? Remember, you guys are in this together.

4. Confidence is key

At the end of the day, whatever you’re working with looks better when you decide, simply, to rock it. Short, tall, broad, skinny, ruddy, scruffy…at some point, you run out of things you can control and have to accept you as you are. So own it!



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