Wedding Style for Guys: Choosing the “Other” Ring (…Yours!)

Wedding Style for Guys: Choosing the “Other” Ring (…Yours!)

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 4 min read

My brother is getting married next summer (congrats Aaron!), and he recently asked me “what’s new” with wedding rings. You know, because I’m hip and with it and supposed to know about these kinds of things.

“Duh, what’s new? You say I do and slap a white gold band around your ring finger, that’s what’s new,” I replied, like the unhelpful and uninformed unmarried little sister I am.

When I dug into the wedding style question, though, I found out there’s actually way more to this piece of men’s accessorizing than I realized. Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence from UK retailer The Jewel Hut, fills me – and you! – in on the latest for guys’ ring fingers.

Except where noted, all wedding bands from The Jewel Hut)

Wedding rings are a big deal, but it always seems to be the bride who gets all the attention, especially with the all-important engagement ring. We often forget that you guys have to wear your ring for the rest of your lives too. So, it makes sense to choose a ring that you’ll want to look at forever, right? Considering something different but too lazy to think outside the box? Don’t worry – we can help you find a ring that’s not too boring, but that you’ll still be happy to have on your hand ‘til death do you part. Consider this your guide to the perfect wedding ring.



You can of course go with the traditional plain wedding band. They are available in all kinds of metals and are beautiful, when matched with the bride’s ring(s). There’s nothing at all wrong with keeping it simple.








(L to R: white gold, gold)


For a twist on the classic, why not try a ring with a single diamond in the centre? The diamond keeps the look classy but shows great attention to detail. It’ll also catch the light, when you’re wearing it.



Why not mix it up a little and wear a ring made up of more than one metal? Two tone wedding bands are stunning but subtle. People have to take a second look and that can never be a bad thing, can it? Silver and gold together are a popular combination, of course, and some men even opt for one metal polished and one metal frosted. Again, it’s all about attention to detail. With a ring with two tones, you know your ring will always match your cufflinks and your watch.

two tone



Male celebs don’t make a habit of showing of their wedding rings and they certainly don’t receive as much press attention as the engagement rings of their female counterparts. But we’ve managed to find some celeb men whose rings snuck into the limelight.

Nick Lachey went for a masculine, diamond adorned ring when he married Vanessa Minnillo. The ring was designed to complement Vanessa’s and even has a message inscribed inside.
Matthew McConaughey has ‘6.22’ inscribed on the outside of his. Not the date of his wedding but his favourite verse from the Bible, Matthew 6:22. Engraving is a wonderful idea, if you and your fiancé are looking to do something extra special and can be a constant reminder of your love, if the two of you are ever apart. Soppy, but true.


Do you know your titanium from your zirconium? Gold comes in three colours, don’t you know? Maybe you’re on a budget and spent most of your hard earned cash on your lady’s engagement ring. Not a problem. Stainless steel is a popular alternative to more precious metals and is notoriously difficult to tarnish. Zirconium is an inexpensive and hardwearing metal for a wedding ring, as is titanium.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian donning their wedding bands (such a happy 72 days…)


Finally, for the more adventurous of you men out there, why not go for a wedding ring with a little color? Zirconium is also available in black (following a scientific process) and can be designed with polished and matte finishes. More and more men are after the rings because they are long lasting and a great style statement. Black is timeless and will never go out of fashion. It may not be everybody’s choice but you’re not everybody, and nobody else but you has to wear it. The prices are also unlikely to break the bank and can be replaced in a few years’ time, if you get bored.

…So there we have it, fellas. Tell me:

Which ring will you head down the aisle with?

Plan to play it safe with a traditional plain band? Or make a style statement with something a little different? Maybe you’ll even consider having a bespoke, custom ring? If you’re already married, how’d you pick your band?

Whatever you choose to do, you will be wearing your ring for a long time (ideally), so explore your options now!

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