5 Days, 5 Ways: French Terry Jeans

5 Days, 5 Ways: French Terry Jeans

Your comfortable denim alternative
jbrand, french terry, jeans, denim, pants

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jun 26 2022 | 2 min read

We’re now two weeks out of No Jeans January, and I know I’ve already had the rubber band reaction of overdosing on denim after denying myself of it for so long. Of course, the reason we reach for jeans is because they are as easy to wear and always look good, but what if you could throw “feels like I’m wearing sweatpants” to that list as well?

Enter, the french terry jeans. French terry is soft to the touch, but reads as a chino once you put them on. Perfect for those Mondays (or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays) where you don’t want to get dressed for work, but inevitably have to.


jbrand, french terry, jeans, denim, pants

French terry jeans give you the soft, comfortable feel of pajamas while still looking polished.

french terry jeans, french terry, jbrand, office style, work, jeans at work, uniform wares, want les essentiels, johnston & murphy, sid mashburn, maximum henry, brooklyn tailors

Jacket: Brooklyn Tailors, $309 Shirt: Sid Mashburn, $150

Shoes: Johnston & Murphy, $198 | Watch: Uniform Wares, $700

Belt: Maximum Henry, $95 | Backpack: Want Les Essentiels, $495

Wear it well: Rock your french terry jeans like a pair of chinos for work.


cdg play, french terry jeans, french terry, jbrand, jack spade, stag provisions, helm, gorse, laboratory, casual office, color laces, steven alan, cool glasses

Trench: Jack Spade, $498 | Shirt: Comme des Garçons Play, $290 | Boots: Helm, $495

Laces: Benjo’s, $8 | Glasses: Steven Alan Optical, $195 | Fragrance: Laboratory, $88

Wear it well: Mix your blacks and browns with pops of bright, hyperlink blue for a look that is thoughtful but not overwrought.


french terry, french terry jeans, jbrand, j.crew, jack spade, various keytags, kirkland 1883, everlane, camo, pair of thieves, swims,

Sweater: Everlane, $145 | Jacket: J.Crew, $300 | Shoes: Wolverine 1883, $150

Socks: Pair of Thieves, $10 | Keytag: Various Keytags, $15 | Umbrella: Swims, $65

Wear it well: Brighten up a dreary day with orange accents and a loud camo print jacket.


french terry jeans, jbrand, common projects, fjallraven, cos, jackthreads, casual, muted, minimal, shinola

Bomber: Cos, $225 | Tee: Jackthreads, $15 | Boots: Common Projects, $469

Cap: Cityshop, $47 | WatchShinola, $550 | Backpack: Fjallraven, $80

Wear it well: Washed out blues and pinks paired with gray say “spring is coming(!), but I know it’s still February.”


french terry jeans, levi's, jbrand, the hill-side, warby parker, pf flyers, todd snyder,

Denim Jacket: Levi’s, $88 | Tee: Armor Lux, $75 | Sneakers: PF Flyers, $70

Sunglasses: Warby Parker, $95 | Wallet: Maxx & Unicorn, $50

Scarf: The Hillside, $23

Wear it well: Use a printed accent piece (like this scarf) to shape the color story of your outfit.



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