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The Gen Z Gift Guide for Her

The Gen Z Gift Guide for Her

gen z gifts for her

By Tess Steinberg | Last Updated: Dec 8 2022 | 3 min read

We enlisted our intern to share holiday gift ideas for the Gen Z set because for the most part, we are a team of rapidly aging millennials. These are her picks.

In my house, the holiday season starts October 31st.

No, literally.

We have a tradition of watching Christmas with the Kranks on Halloween night. That, plus my TikTok has been showing me “what I want for Christmas” videos for about a month now, means I’m already in the holiday spirit. 

My algorithm being permanently set to Holiday mode means you’re in luck. Whether you’re searching for gift ideas for a youngish significant other, a little sister you cannot relate to, or your wife who is eternally youthful and impossible to surprise, I’ve got you covered with this Gen Z gift guide for her.

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So, even if the leaves are still changing colors, the Starbucks cups are officially red. You know what that means… The holiday season is officially a go! 

Below, check out this Gen Z gift guide for her:

pink Amazon matching set

matching lounge set
Amazon, $30

“Harry Styles and the clothes he wears” coffee table book
Urban Outfitters, $30

harry styles book


gold metallic pot

Anissa Kermiche gold metallic pot
Saks Fifth Avenue, $80

knit mini dress
Princess Polly, $74

princess polly knit dress
amazon tan matching set

Lingswallow lounge set
Amazon, $41

TSEATJEWELRY ‘cutie’ necklace
Madewell, $60

tseat jewelry necklace
lululemon shearling belt bag

Everywhere belt bag
Lululemon, $58

Viatabuna 2-piece sweatsuit
Amazon, $44

BLACK amazon sweatsuit

Now you’ve seen the #SGapproved Gen Z gift guide for her. Check out more holiday gift ideas here!