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Gen Z Gift Guide for Her

Gen Z Gift Guide for Her
gen z gift guide for her

By Tess Steinberg | Last Updated: Jun 22 2022 | 3 min read

This year, we enlisted our intern to share holiday gift ideas for the Gen Z set because for the most part, we are a team of rapidly aging millennials. These are her picks.

In my house, the holiday season starts October 31st.

No, literally.

We have a tradition of watching Christmas with the Kranks on Halloween night. That, plus my TikTok has been showing me “what I want for Christmas” videos for about a month now, means I’m already in the holiday spirit. 

My algorithm being permanently set to Holiday mode means you’re in luck. Whether you’re searching for gift ideas for a youngish significant other, a little sister you cannot relate to, or your wife who is eternally youthful and impossible to surprise, I’ve got you covered with this Gen Z gift guide for her.

gen z gift guide for her

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So, even if the leaves are still changing colors, the Starbucks cups are officially red. You know what that means… The holiday season is officially a go! 

Below, check out this Gen Z gift guide for her:

Gen Z Gift Guide for Her 2021

top row: left to right

1. Good Karma run shorts, $15 — Rumor has it these are the softest, most flattering checkered running shorts around. 

2. HIMI Gouache paint set, $30 — The holiday season = STRESSFUL. This satisfying paint set provides a calming outlet to let your lady’s artsy flag fly!

3. Barefoot Dreams Cozychic socks, $15 — If you didn’t already know, Barefoot Dreams makes the coziest, softest, most snuggly blankets and robes. There is no question that these socks are going to be a game changer for cold winter nights.

middle row: left to right

4. Sam Edelman boots, $170 — I keep seeing targeted ads for these boots on my TikTok. So, clearly their marketing is working because I 100% want a pair.

After all, who doesn’t love a classic chunky black boot? (Don’t answer that).

5. Abercrombie & Fitch puffer coat, $160 — Apparently, this jacket is a Gen Z < > millennial crossover pick!

A&F out here bringing the generations together..who knew?!

6. Dyson Airwrap, $600 — Easier on her hair than a curling iron, and it helps to reduce frizz. Yes, it’s hella expensive, but if you’ve got the money to spend, you’ll be a hair hero in her eyes forever.

bottom row: left to right

7. Out From Under halter bra top, $22 — Every Gen Z girl owns some form of seamless bra top. That’s just facts.

This halter top style is incredibly flattering and looks just as cute under a sweater as it does by itself. We love a year-round, versatile gift!

8. Aerie Crossover leggings, $45 — Everyone on TikTok has raved about these magical waist-snatching leggings. I don’t have a pair yet, and I seriously feel like I’m missing out.

9. Alice + Olivia overshirt, $395 —  I am deeming 2021 the year of leather!

Plus, I can’t think of a better transitional piece from fall to winter than this (okay, yes, pricey) overshirt.

Now you’ve seen the #SGapproved Gen Z gift guide for her. Check out more holiday gift ideas here!