#GiftInColor: Holiday Gift Ideas in Shades of Green

#GiftInColor: Holiday Gift Ideas in Shades of Green

Fool-proof Picks in Brilliant Emerald and Classic Olive

By Taylor Davies | Last Updated: Jan 30 2019 | 2 min read

For this season’s gift guide series on Style Girlfriend—we’re calling it #giftincolor—we found more than 100 amazing holiday gift ideas for both guys and ladies. We’re launching a new one each Tuesday, and you can check out our red and orange/yellow guides, too.


Gloves, Orley | shower gel, Marianella | pajamas, Sleepy Jones | necklace, Rue Gembon | bracelet, Lulu Frost | watch, Shinola 

sweater, Bonobos | sweater, J. Crew | lifting contour serum, La Mer | Matcha green tea set, Panatea | twill briefcase, Filson 

socks, Michael Bastian x Soxiety | pouch, Go Fish | green juices, Pressed Juicery | pants, Vera Largo

Ah, green. The color of festive wreaths on front doors, Will Ferrel’s costume in Elf, emeralds… and super healthy juices, too. This week’s guide tows the line between glamorous-meets-indulgent and cool-meets-practical gifts. Whether you’re shopping for a woman with exquisite taste or a man whose taste could use a little influence—today’s gift ideas have got your fix.

We’re of the mind that just about any guy on your list will love and wear this classic Filson briefcase, while La Mer’s grooming products and Marianella’s shower gel may suit the more discerning gentlemen (and gentlewoman!) on your list.

But remember: no matter where your gift-giving budget falls this year, it’s easy to find an emerald-hued accessory that will sparkle all the same. We love the affordable price and major impact of Rue Gembon’s statement necklace, while Shinola’s Runwell watch with a bottle green face is a present to be treasured for a lifetime.

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By Taylor Davies. Taylor is a fashion and menswear editor in New York City and occasional contributor to Style Girlfriend. She lives for croissants and swears by an Old Fashioned. You can find her blogging here and ‘gramming here.

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