#GiftInColor: Holiday Gift Ideas In Shades Of Light Blue

#GiftInColor: Holiday Gift Ideas In Shades Of Light Blue

Snowboards And Coffee And Denim, Oh My!

By Taylor Davies | Last Updated: Jan 30 2019 | 2 min read

For this season’s #giftincolor gift guide series on Style Girlfriend, we hand-selected more than 100 amazing holiday gift ideas for both guys and gals. Every Tuesday we’re launching a brand new guide that’s themed to a different color. Check out our past weeks featuring red, orange + yellow, and green. Up today? Light blue.


Hat, Preston & Olivia | coffee, Toms | shearling-lined jacket, Levi’s Vintage Clothing | jeans, Baldwin 

pajama set, Alexander Olch (in stores only) | shirt, Gant Rugger | snowboard, Burton | sneakers, Spalwart

travel grooming kit, Ursa Majorchambray dress, L.L. Bean Signature | track jacket, Champion 

If there’s one gift that sticks out in my mind in this gift guide, it’s the women’s Burton snowboard. As a recent convert to the sport, I’m thinking about putting this at the top of my list. It’s so cool and colorful, how could you not be drawn to it?

But the the truth is, there are a lot of things to love in light blue. Take, for example, the Levi’s Vintage Clothing shearling-lined denim jacket. Shearling’s a big trend this season, sure, but let’s be honest, when has this cowboy style ever really been out? This is the ideal outerwear to pair with warm flannel shirts, cozy beanies and a great pair of rugged boots. (Might we recommend these Red Wing boots from the red guide?)

Naturally, denim was a huge theme in this guide—check out that pair of mid-wash men’s Baldwin jeans; all the breaking in is already done for you (perfect for post-holiday food and present lazy comas).

Need a no-fail stocking stuffer? My vote goes for coffee. My family grinds at least a few bags in anticipation of getting through presents on Christmas morning. And Toms is the perfect choice for the holiday season; each bag of coffee purchased supplies one person in need with clean water for a week. Giving and giving back—how’s that for holiday spirit?

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By Taylor Davies. Taylor is a fashion and menswear editor in New York City and occasional contributor to Style Girlfriend. She lives for croissants and swears by an Old Fashioned. You can find her blogging here and ‘gramming here.

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