What to Get the Guy who WFH

What to Get the Guy who WFH

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 21 2023 | 6 min read

If you’re a guy who spends a lot of time at home these days, you’re not alone. The shift to remote work has become permanent for lots of people since the pandemic. So, if you’re one of the millions of full-time WFH folks, you may find that both your wardrobe and your workspace are in need of some upgrades.

And the holiday season is the perfect time to update what you’re working with!

Well, good news. Here at SG HQ, we’re real big into staying home. It’s one of our favorite things to do, really.

So, what are the best WFH gifts to get and give this season? Read on.

In the event that you or someone you love could use an extreme home makeover: WFH edition this holiday season, we’ve got the gifts to ask for (or simply give yourself) below.

Shop the best gifts for WFH:

chefman nugget ice maker
Countertop nugget ice maker, $299
rocco fridge
Super Smart fridge, $1195

Nothing can replace the simple pleasures of making small talk at the water cooler with Susan from accounting about last night’s episode of The Golden Bachelor. But that doesn’t mean you have to do away with the water cooler experience entirely.

Arm yourself with at-home hydration station this holiday season. Nugget ice is all the rage with the TikTok girlies, and this one seems to be everyone’s favorite.

And if you’re lucky enough to have your own office at home, not just a corner of the living room or kitchen? Consider investing in a small drinks fridge. With four cooling modes and racks that pull all the way out so you never forget that pamplemousse La Croix hiding in the back, you’ll be living the luxe wfh hydrated life.

apple airpods max
Airpods Max, $549
samsung galaxy buds pro 2 in graphite
Galaxy Buds2 Pro, $160

Whether he’s an over-the-ear or in-ear guy, upgrade his work from home audio setup with a new, luxed-up pair of headphones.

Everyday upgrades

target soap aesop dupe

Baylis & Harding hand soap, $6

Love the smell of Aesop soap but not the price? This Target dupe makes for a great gift.

Yarrashop USB-powered ring light, $39

If you work from home and still don’t have a basic ring light setup, you’re missing out.

You’ll be shocked how refreshed you look with soft, bright lighting improving your Zoom.

laptop ring light
rothy's plaid slipper

Rothy’s slipper, $159

Pricey for a slipper, yes, but so so worth it. Scout’s honor.

For half sizes, size down.

Brooklinen luxe sateen sheets, from $159

When your bed becomes your office, you should at least have good sheets.

Brooklinen luxe sateen sheets

Wax London overshirt, $215

This overshirt is one of those “great at home, great out in the world” unicorn clothing items.

Throw it on over a t-shirt with sweats at home, or jeans to leave the house looking stylish.

Hotel Lobby Candle, $56

Inspired by fragrances from fancy five-star hotels, this brand was born during Covid when no one was traveling.

The founders missed that magical moment when you walk into a new hotel in a new city, so worked to capture that thrill in a candle.

hotel lobby candle paris
mens nike burrow slipper in black

Nike Burrow slipper, $60

Stay home.

Go out.

Wear these fleece-lined slippers for both.

Old Navy dynamic fleece joggers, $45

Just because you’re all business up top doesn’t mean you can’t opt for athleisure on the bottom.

old navy dynamic fleece bottoms
cell phone jail

Mindsight cell phone lock box, $39

Who needs will power not to check your phone when you could just put it in phone jail instead?

Three modes allow users to select levels ranging from simple lockbox to “Fortress” mode, while the lock timer can be set from one minute up to 30 days.

Olivers Bradbury jogger, $118

One more pair of joggers, for the road (aka, the trip from the bedroom to the kitchen table each morning).

olivers apparel bradbury jogger in carbon
knack backpack

Knack expandable backpack, $260

And when all else fails?

Throw the contents of your desk in this magician’s hat of a backpack and head to your local coffee shop.


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