LISTEN: The new “Undressed” podcast from Style Girlfriend

LISTEN: The new “Undressed” podcast from Style Girlfriend

Throw your earbuds in and get undressed

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 19 2017 | 3 min read


We did it. We started the “Undressed” podcast, guys!

We launched “Undressed with Style Girlfriend” so I could talk to cool, interesting folks who are living their lives with style, and ask them, “How’d you get there?” Because living a stylish life is about so-o-o-o much more than the clothes you wear; it’s about living with confidence, intention, and the willingness to fall on your butt, get back up, and try again. 

I’m excited for you guys to hear it, while also feeling all of the willies because I know it’s not totally perfect yet (ha, “yet” as if anything I ever create I’ll consider to be perfect…maybe babies, as long as they’re not born with like, six toes on one foot or something?), from the recording, to the format, to asking the right questions to get the most interesting answers. Which is why getting this podcast up on iTunes feels a bit like bringing a new significant other home and hoping your family likes them but also kind of bracing yourself that they won’t, and trying to figure out how that will make you feel, and all of a sudden you’re breaking out in stress hives and just stopped for a shot of Jameson at the airport bar before heading to your folks’ house.

So listen with enthusiasm, listen with kindness, listen with the understanding that we just bought new mic filters so it will only continue to sound better and better.

And a great technique I once read about for providing feedback is to only say what you like and leave out entirely saying anything about what you didn’t so much care for. The rationale being that the necessary intel gets through and more of the good stuff comes out and the bad kind of just evolves out of sight.

All that is to say, be nice.

And, duh, subscribe and leave a glowing review!

Episode 1

Our first guest is Aaron Nagler of Green Bay Packers fan site Cheesehead TV and Fan Duel, the fantasy football site. Aaron has seen more than his share of career shifts, twists, and pivots before landing where he is now – getting to talk and write about football every day for a living. Whether you like football or not, his story of trial and error is a good reminder of how important it is to go hard after a life you love. For Aaron, that meant starting his career in theatre and winding up on the NFL’s digital sidelines. Along the way, we discussed why you should always be too busy to complain about the small things, pop music we both can agree on, and just how great being from Wisconsin is (spoiler: it’s pretty great).

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Photo by Obi Anyanwu

I started Style Girlfriend to help guys look, feel, and act their best.