Luke Combs’ Stylist on Dressing for the Red Carpet and his Go-To Tour Outfit

Luke Combs’ Stylist on Dressing for the Red Carpet and his Go-To Tour Outfit

From fishing shirts to turkey feather pocket squares
luke combs performing in PFG shirt

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 23 2024 | 6 min read

Luke Combs has had what can best be described as a bonkers year. After covering millennial mix tape staple “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman, the singer burst from country radio stalwart to top 40 global superstar.

Which is when I noticed how nicely he cleans up for a red carpet appearance.

It’s a too-true stereotype that many country stars consider pressed bootcut jeans just as acceptable as a suit when walking the red carpet.

But not Combs.

While his everyday uniform leans towards hunter chic, the “Crazy Beautiful” singer always dresses his best for awards shows and big appearances. So I rung up Katy Robbins, Combs’ stylist, to learn more about the singer’s wardrobe, from the everyday to events.

Combs, she says, has a keen eye for detail, and always manages to look effortlessly put-together.

Learn about Luke Combs’ style philosophy, go-to pieces, and how he transitions from fishing on the lake to walking the red carpet.

How long have you been working together?

We were just talking about it at the Grammys and saying, Could it be six or seven years? It was right after “Hurricane” came out, so it’s been at least five or six years. For a guy who at the beginning really didn’t want a stylist, at all, I think it’s become a wonderful collaborative experience.

What happened was, someone at the label said, we’re doing a Billboard Magazine shoot and they’re doing multiple looks, so you have to wear something other than a PFG fishing shirt.

He knew I had worked with his hero, Eric Church. I’ve worked with him for thirteen years. He really looked up to Eric. So he said, “If I have to work with someone, Eric’s stylist is probably the one for me.”

What’s the biggest thing he’s picked up from working with you?

How great a well-fitting suit can make you feel. He was so surprised to discover he actually likes wearing a suit…for a brief amount of time, anyway.

And it doesn’t need to be custom! The off the rack suits can fit if you do alterations to fit you perfectly.

Luke Combs style at the cma awards
image: @lukecombs

It’s the best when he puts something on and you can see him turn into a star.

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I’ve watched it with female and male clients. It’s a thing that happens, they get a certain look, and you know you’ve found the right piece. That thing that makes them feel great and cool and confident. It’s really…it’s this moment as a stylist that you wait for.

Does he like dressing for the red carpet?

Most dudes don’t. Cut to: I’m showing him fabrics for suits and he actually gets into it. Something I never thought at the beginning, Luke is going through a fabric book and saying, I like this and this.

How did you approach getting him dressed for this year’s Grammys?

luke combs and tracy chapman onstage at the grammys 2024
image: @lukecombs

With the Tracy Chapman collaboration at the Grammys, we didn’t know what she was going to wear. So we had a more casual option, and a more formal option based on what she showed up wearing, so that they ‘matched’ on stage.

He said, “Let’s do the velvet tuxedo, but let’s have a more casual option just in case.” That’s part of him being a respectful dude. I didn’t even think of that. He thought of that!

I loved what he wore. She wore a Prada dress shirt and dark pants. They ended up looking great. No tie, Luke is not a bow tie guy. Collar open.

When we were getting his outfit ready in Nashville, he went out to his barn to pick turkey feathers for his pocket square from a turkey he had hunted. I taped the feathers to the pocket square holder with some shipping tape.

What brands do you lean on when dressing him?

The Jack Victor made-to-measure suits are great for his frame. Eric Adler, who’s based in Nashville, has designed a lot of his custom suits lately.

How does he dress on tour?

He likes wearing his PFG fishing shirts. That is something I can’t take any credit for. They breathe well on stage. They’re comfy. He can get sweaty and they’re fine.

image: @lukecombs

He was happy wearing those, and was like “Why do I have to wear anything else?”

When you’re not there before an appearance, how do you make sure a client’s look comes together properly?

You never know what they’re going to do. Pictures help. And I make sure a trusted person — a wife, manager, assistant — knows what’s supposed to be going on.

And I’ll FaceTime beforehand to anticipate the problems. “Remember, don’t forget to button your jacket when you stand up.”

What’s Combs’ favorite part of the styling process?

One thing he actually loves and enjoys is collecting vintage country music swag. The concert tees. The jackets. The hats. Searching on eBay.

image: @lukecombs

He also loves watches. He doesn’t really accessorize, but he does love a watch. Right now, he really has his eye on a Cartier Crash watch. They only make two a year or something crazy, and there’s this huge waiting list to buy them.

Any insider tips you can share?

When wearing a suit, a pocket square holder is your secret weapon. They almost look like pocket protectors. A key thing for any guy – I get them on Amazon. Otherwise your pocket square – or turkey feathers – can slip and you lose the impact of that accessory detail.

If you’re going to make a point to wear it, you want people to see it.

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